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  1. drockrdr

    One of Bailey's CRs

    ya...its good to be king...
  2. drockrdr

    One of Bailey's CRs

    Check out how new David Bailey's sons CR looks in this picture...I have an 86 in the basement but this one puts mine to shame... http://www.davidbaileymx.com/pages/news.cfm D-Rock
  3. drockrdr

    2003 Subframe on a 2004 YZ450F?

    OK...I got the 2003 subframe in yesterday. "IT BOLTED RIGHT UP!!" Everything fits like a glove. So I'm here to tell ya, a 2003 YZ450F subframe WILL fit on a 2004 YZ450F. Thanks for the responses all. D-Rock
  4. drockrdr

    2003 Subframe on a 2004 YZ450F?

    Thanks for the info e30M3. Anyone else? Any actually try this? Thanks in advance all...
  5. Anyone ever try this? The yamaha part number for the 2004 is 5XD-21190-00-00 and the 2003 is 5TA-21190-00-00. 2 people have told me they look the same but no one has tried it yet that I know of. Does anyone here have experience with this? If so, did it work? Any problems? Thanks, drockrdr