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  1. Trents68

    50 Help please

    I don't know the right mix, hopefully someone on here can give you the answer. But if it were me, I would start with 32:1 that's a pretty safe ratio for anything. Clean the plug up good and let the little one ride it for a while. If the plug is black and it smokes enough to kill all the mosqutios in the surounding counties back it off to 40:1 or so. If it's white or light brown and not smoking at all, you might want to go up to 30:1. Continue that process until you get a good plug and the "smoke" out the pipe is right. It will smoke quite a bit when it's cold once up to operating temp you should see little to no smoke from a distance. Just my .02
  2. Trents68

    Ashley Fiolek and the CRF150R video

    That's funny, we just saw her at our local track Motocity in Blanchard Oklahoma... I was wondering what she was doing in town, then read the article on Transworld motocross on the original post and she talks about being in Oklahoma with Trey! Wish she wasn't broke so we could have seen her ride, but Trey was out thier ripping it up. Cool Stuff. Didn't talk to her but passed her on her crutchs walking around the track, seemed really down to earth type of girl. Thought about getting an autograph for my daughter but couldn't get my daughter to go up to her on her own and didn't want to just drag her up to Ashley.
  3. Trents68

    No 150's to compete with?

    Wish we had that option in the states! Some local tracks allow it but no "big" events will, so in order for my son to race the "80" class the only option is a 2-smoke 85. If they allowed it there would already be a 150 in the garage!!!! I think he would love it as well, IMO 4-strokes are easier to ride fast they are more forgiving when it comes to keeping them in the powerband. So for now we still have to look at the 2 smoker until they make a 150 class for young kids that they can compete in and continue to progress to the big bikes! btw... cool website! Nice pic's!!!
  4. Trents68

    No 150's to compete with?

    Ya... this is a tough spot for me! My son is 10 yrs old and ready to move from a 65 to an 85/150 now!!!! With the class structure the way it is I will have to go with an 85 2-smoker, the question is will I get 1 or 2 or more years out of it before the whole class is running the 4-stroke and I have to buy another bike!?!?!?!?
  5. Trents68

    No 150's to compete with?

    And is that just speculation on your part or do you have some inside info??? Which ones do you think will be first to join the 150 ranks?
  6. Trents68

    Questions on 04 vs. 05 & newer

    IMO... 04-05 doesn't matter, I have an 04 a freind of mine has an 05. We both replaced our valves at about the same time, after about 4-6 months of owning them (we both bought them new). Ground the seats, put all OEM stuff back in. Now going on 3 years later neither of us have had any further problems with the bikes??? Valves still spot on! IMO factory issue that Honda didn't own up to, other guys have had no valve issues at all, luck of the draw as to which bike you got off the factory line. I guess what I am trying to say is... Pick the bike that is in the best shape and looks like it has been well maintained. I would not spend alot more for an 05 there are no noticable diffrence esp. to the average joe rider/racer. And any "valve issues" outside of normal 4 stroke maintenance will already be worked out of a bike that is 3-4 years old. Make sure they demonstate starting the bike cold for you! Some times valves just starting to going bad will start fine warm and when they are cold they are an SOB! So if when you arrive the motor is nice and warm be suspicious!!!! I personnally saw a guy get bit that way... owned the bike 2 weeks before he had to get the valves completely redone! Started fine (warm) when he went to look at the bike. Took it home, hard for him to start cold... and then worldn't start all together! Just my .02
  7. Trents68

    No 150's to compete with?

    Well looks like all the manufactures have now put the 08 models out on thier websites except Suzuki and no one has built a 150? Honda is still out on a limb by themselves. Sure it seems to be a great bike but with no class to race in except school boy, how many racers are going to buy one? And with out a CR 85, looks like Honda at least for now might be giving up a big share of the mini racer market! And what we ride and like young we tend to stick to that brand when we grow up. Is Honda making a mistake? Anyone going to join them or is the 150 a passing phase?
  8. Trents68

    05 rm 65 silencer

    Have you tried MotoSport? 1-888-676-8853, They have a couple in thier catalog but don't specify if they fit the stock pipe... Might what to give them a call.
  9. My sons bike was jumping out of gear on him and not shifting right so I take the clutch side case cover off and discover that a bracket with a roller on it is snapped off... glad at this point because it seemed an easy fix, until the screw holding it in place stripped out! The offical name is the "lever-Comp, Change" but it's just a bracket that rolls on the drum on the opposite side of the shift forks to keep it "in detent" so it doesn't jump out of gear. Anyway I have used an easy out and got good grip on the screw, but its so tight my drill doesn't have the power to even turn it.... tried using a wrench but can't get enough force to get it to bite... Now that the screw head is completely jacked up.... I thought might it be reverse thread???? Anyone know? I think it's about to the point I am going to have to take it to a machine shop anyway!!!!!
  10. Trents68

    2001 Ktm 65 Sx

    I don't beleive any of those are S/A silencers, but the experts on the KTM 65's are here... www.ktmtalk.com you might get more/better answers there than here on Thumpertalk for that make and model of bike?
  11. Trents68

    RM65 Pre-mix ratio

    We run 40:1 in our RM65, just because it's a happy medium between what the RM65 calls for 32:1 and 50:1 on my daughters KTM50. That way I don't have to carry two gas cans around, but either way you will be fine. As far as the ratio's go... it's worth the couple bucks to by a ratio cup, no math involved fill the cup to the ratio you want dump it in the gas can and add the amount of gas the cup says you need for that ratio... even if it's not for use full time, use it once and it's worth it (IMO) to not have to figure the math!!!
  12. Trents68

    Just for fun: RM65

    I agree, it's a blast watching the little guys on the 65's tearing it up... here is a shot of my boy, jumping a tabletop, don't know the length but I had to hit it in 4th on my CRF250 to clear it, he didn't clear it in this pic but was by the end of the day! kids crazy, dad ain't gonna be able to keep up.... as far as you getting a 125 or 250.... I would say a 125 two smoker would be plenty of power if you are use to a trail bike!!! But hey if you can get a deal on a 250, why turn away from more power!!!! Can't figure out how to load the pic Anyhoo... nice pic of your boy and it's a blast watching them!
  13. Trents68

    Hard Starting CRF250 (HELP!)

    bnc98... Man, bring it over to my house... I will check and shim the valves (if required) and clean up the carb for $150... plus I will show you how to do it next time so you won't have to pay someone Oh hell, who am I kidding I am cheap... no money just provide the beer It's really not that hard once you do it, you will kick yourself for paying someone. Seriously, if you live near Moore and want to bring it over I will show you how to do it... PM me if interested...
  14. Trents68

    Hard Starting CRF250 (HELP!)

    I also ride an 04 CRF250R and I second old19's comments... Check the valve clearance first! Esp. on a bike that's used and new to you... even if they are good you will have a baseline to know when they start moving on you. Cleaning out the carb never hurts either, esp. if it's been sitting a while? it could be all gummed up? Where in Oklahoma are you? We ride Draper for fun and the kids race at Motocity... We are going to try and get out and try some more places this summer. (just moved here last summer)
  15. Trents68

    CRF 150R Broken Cam Photo

    If you don't want to go to the trouble of making a tool... I just use a small tiped screw driver on my 250, same cam tensner setup as the 150. just use a small screwdriver with a tip small enough to fit in and twist it to back off the tension, once the tension is backed off clamp a set of visegrips on the shaft of the screwdriver stratigically resting the handle of the vise grips against the frame/side of the case so it holds the screwdriver in place and keeps it from "unscrewing" and putting tension on the cam chain.... hope that makes since... if not check the 250R forum there is a picture under the checking valves/shims thread. Works great and no need to make a tool. Here is a link to the thread with the pics.... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=179775 it's a little ways down the post.