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    Damned if I do, or...?

    All ~ Thanks much for the help. Turns out this particular bike didn't have a title in the original state (or an MSO--just a bill of sale). Needed the title/MSO to retitle bike in VA. DMV was very clear on this. So, instead, got a little ridden 00 w/ factory kit for what I think was a fair price: $2400. Picking her up Thursday. You'll be hearing more from the Mule... Now to find threads on adding a street kit... Any advice there? Take care & ride safe, ~ Steve
  2. packmule

    Damned if I do, or...?

    All - My first post here. Need some advice. Have searched here a bit, but haven't quite found an answer. Have an opportunity to buy: 03 XR650R under 3,000 mi. Honda factory carb/airbox kit, muffler uncorked chain, sprockets "new" looking very clean, no cosmetic/or mechanical damage starts easily, runs "great" pics look very nice Guy wants $3200. What do you think? BTW, my intentions are to add a BD (street legal) kit to it, and likely a larger tank. Steve Stafford, VA