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  1. Looks like the decision has been made for me. The used '07 was just sold. The "high" mileage was bothering me a bit, anyway. I guess I'll make a few calls and see which local dealer is willing to drop their price the most. Thanks for the quick replies.
  2. I'm planning on picking up a DRZ-SM. I'll be riding on both the street and the track, and only for fun, so I won't be racking up miles while commuting. If I like track riding, I will eventually sell the DRZ and buy something more appropriate for racing. I've found one used DRZ in my area: 2007 model 7000+ miles very clean, and mostly stock Yosh RS-2 full system with jet kit new battery and tires $4000 OTD The cheapest price (without any haggling) from a local dealer for a new 2009 DRZ is $5600 OTD. I'm gonna pull the trigger on one of them, but I need some help deciding whether it's worth forking over the extra $$ for a new one. Thanks.
  3. Yer

    just got the 07 suzuki early release specs.

    2007 info is now on the Suzuki site for the DRZ's. Personally, I think the 2005's had the best colors. At least the price didn't go up again.
  4. Yer

    Best low-cost cruiser?

    I worked at a Honda/Kawasaki dealership the past four summers, and I've had a chance to put some miles on just about every model from both companies. The Honda 750 V-twin (all models, including Shadow and Ace) has plenty of power for general commuting, but it does lack a little bit at higher speeds (something to consider if you're riding two-up on the highway). Also, I've found that the 750's can be a bit buzzy at times. The ACE is nice, but keep in mind that it is a bit lower than the other models; I found myself scraping the pegs often. The Vulcan 750 and 800 are both decent bikes. The 750 (a parallel twin) has not changed much since the late 80's, so it's a bit old-school (if that's something you're interested in). The Honda 1100's are both great bikes. I've got nothing bad to say about either. They are decently fast (even two up and at highway speeds) and handle well. As someone noted above, the recent "power cruisers" have all been 1500cc+ bikes that, while very fast, are also very heavy and expensive. With that said, my favorite of the Jap cruisers (Yamaha V-Max aside) has got to be the discontinued Honda Magna 750... V4 motor, lots of smooth power, good ground clearance, decent brakes, not too heavy, decently cheap. Also, with some decent pipes it sounds badass.
  5. Yer

    Do you pack heat when you ride?

    Wow... I can't believe someone quoted Freud.
  6. During the summer I work in the service department at a Kawi/Honda/Aprilia dealership. I'm one of the guys that puts new bikes together and preps them. You wouldn't believe some of the idiots that work at this place when I'm not there. They hire young guys (often with little to no experience) to build/prep these bikes and pay them near minimum wage. I've lost count of how many bikes I've seen put together the wrong way. Wheels on backwards, cables routed wrong, missing suspension bolts, old batteries thrown in because they couldn't find the new one for that specific bike, etc. Then of course they charge you something like a $200 prep fee. I don't know much about the TW200, but generally dirt bikes and dual sports are shipped with the front tire off the bike in order to save space. My guess would be whoever put yours together managed to lose the brake pad(s) when putting on the front wheel. Also, occassionally if something on another bike is missing/damaged, dealerships will sometimes take the part off another bike. Either way, the dealership you bought the bike from owes you money for any missing parts or parts that were damaged due to the missing pads. Also, considering you could have gotten seriously hurt if the brakes had failed, I'd try to get them to refend and prep fees if you paid them.
  7. Yer

    Do you pack heat when you ride?

    "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Never bothered to read this thread until now and I've noticed a bunch of people spouting out bullshit about "my second amendment right". And as the amendment states, if we end up getting invaded by the English... by all means grab a gun and fight'em off. But shit... stop misconstruing it as something else. It's not that I'm againt gun ownership. Hell, you should be able to own w/e the **** you want. I just hate seeing laws/amendments/whatever get twisted into meaning something different than their original intention. Rant over.
  8. Fuel injected four strokes are definately the next step, but I don't think it's quite the leap you think it is. The big 4 have now completely switched over their race replica sportbikes to fuel injection systems with great success and very little price increase. The new Yamaha Raptor 700 is fuel injected, as well. As for two strokes, I think their main appeal to most people (besides sound and wicked powerbands) is their simplicity and light weight. Certainly, two strokes could be made to run cleaner and more efficiently, but I think the added complexity and weight would negate any of that. Pushing four-stroke sales is an easy solution for the major manufactures. It solves the "pollution problem" without them needing to invest too much money in reinventing the 2-stroke. Also, 4 stroke technology had progressed quite a bit in other applications (like sportbikes), so all they needed to do was adapt it to dirtbikes and bye-bye 2 strokes. PS bring on nuclear powered motorcycles... **** YEAH
  9. fuel injection electromechanical valves (ie no camshafts, timing chains, etc)
  10. Yer

    Whoa Dude! check this engine out!

    Sound clip from Maxsym site... badass. PS first post