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  1. Stella92

    Dune Riders Please Respond

    I have been riding for 25 + years on track, trails, desert, dunes and they are all a blast. My recommendation like others have said is an 8 paddle, change oil more often, clean filter I even recommend a filter skin so you wont suck sand. I road in saint Anthony last month on my ktm 300 and the filter was so clogged and I lost half my power by the end of the day. I went and bought a filter skin and the next day I kept all my power. Grease the edge of the filter really good with no toil or bel ray water proof grease. The best thing I have found for dunes is ZEP 45 on the chain. Nothing sticks to it and its stays lubed really well. Just my 2 cents and yes there is nothing like hitting those big bowls fith gear pinned.
  2. Stella92

    2008 crf 250x or 2008 ktm 250 xcf-w?

    After my last post I did some research and found the 250's go out a lot more than the 450's. I am going to buy a 450 for my desert riding and keep the 250x for single track. Love the electric start. I am only 140 lb's so the 450 has scared me. Anyone ever in utah in the summer we have some killer single track. As for doing my own valves, yes from now on. My friend just rebuilt his 450 piston and valves and he said if I have shimmed my bike before then that is the hardest part of the rebuild. The reason I spent so much was the first time I went to a dealer and put in the original valves and they charged me $900.00. The second time I forgot to mention for a thousand I did a hot cam for more mid and top end ($180.00), Wiseco race piston (160.00), stainless steal valves ($150.00), and stiffer springs($200.00), gaskets, shims, ect. $300 for labor. Happy Riding!!!
  3. Stella92

    2008 crf 250x or 2008 ktm 250 xcf-w?

    I have been a red rider for 17 years. The best bike I ever owned was a 1992 cr250. I owned it for 9 years and only replaced the piston once and the carbarater once. Scary fast bike. 2 years ago I bought a 2005 crfx 250x, very good suspension and cornering but it depends on what you ride. If it is strickly trails where you are on and off the gas I would go with the Honda. I ride 50% desert and 50% sand. The sand will kill any Honda 4 stroke. I have 4friends with 450's and I have the 250. They have all gone through 1 valve job and I just had to do mine a second time. If you ride competitve 5th gear pinned do not buy a honda unless you want to fork out $1,000+ dollars a year to replace your valves. I went stainless the second go around with stronger springs and after 2 rides all 4 valves were out and I had to reshim. My machanic said hondas are not good being reved high for a long time, they need to be on and off the gas. I called a local machine shop and they had 14 hondas they were replacing valves on. They said they see more hondas then anything. They have seen 1 kawasaki and 1 ktm and never seen a yamaha. With this said I will never ride a yamahahaha I hope honda will pull their heads out and fix the problem.