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  1. Elmo777

    WRF4?? on the MX track ?

    You are absolutely 100% correct on the throttle limiter and grey wire.
  2. Elmo777

    Can't find the nerve or balls!!

    I appreciate the feed back, most of it was very helpful. But Maybe I wasn't very clear when I posted my thread. I have been riding for around 30 years,I have owned everything from Husky's to Honda's to Suzuki's. In that time I have earned my share of bumps and bruises, 4 shoulder surgeries, 2 knee surgeries as well as some busted up ribs. As the younger guys will soon learn you don't heal the way you use too when you get above say, 28. Any way what is effecting me at this still very young age of 36 is my confidence on the track. I love motocross and it will forever be in my blood. I just hate the whole getting old thing, and when your 16 year old is now passing you and taking the jumps you use to, it kinda sucks. However, as I said before the advice I received was helpful and I will definitely give it a shot, I'll keep you posted as to how it turns out.
  3. Elmo777

    Shoulder injury recovery time?

    Sorry to hear the news, Injuries suck. I have had 4 major shoulder surgeries ( open Bankhart) on my right shoulder. It will be extremely important to take it slow and go to physical therapy. As far as recovery goes it will ultimately depend on the extent of damage to the shoulder. If it's not dislocating or sub-luxing physical therapy may be all it takes, approx 1 to 3 months. If surgery is needed, 4 to 12 months or longer until it's back to normal, Everyone heals differently. Don't rush it. Your body will tell you when you are ready. The part I struggle with now, since I've had 4 shoulder surgeries and two knee surgeries is finding the confidence I once had to take the jumps as I did before the injuries. At 36 years of age I don't heal like I use too so hang in there you'll bounce back.
  4. Elmo777

    knee braces

    I can tell that I didn't have one on and I had to had have a total ACL replacement in my left Knee. I tore it in half, tore both sides of the meniscus as well as chipped the bone. Here is the kicker, I wasn't even going fast when it happened. Had I been wearing one I may not have needed the surgery, Also it is an 18 month recovery period for an ACL reconstruction surgery. It still to this day is not the same Knee. So yah, I would highly recommend wearing one. My dumb mistake could be your saving grace.
  5. Elmo777

    WRF4?? on the MX track ?

    I ride an 02 Wr426, I Put on an aftermarket pipe, ( whit bros e series) I clipped the Grey wire, timed it to yzf timing, replaced the throttle stop in the carb and stayed on top of the valve adjustments. I use it for both moto as well as trails. It's a nice bike and so versatile. If you get the 02 426 a good upgrade is the 450 cam. Also for what ever reason the 02 426 starts so much easier then the 01, don't know why. Good luck on your choice.
  6. Elmo777

    What year yz/wr 426 are you riding????

    02 WR 426, timed to yzf timing, white Bros pipe and a few extras, Original owner.
  7. Elmo777

    IT'S A BOY!!!! (updated pics)

    Congratulations, I have 4, ranging from 7yrs to 16 yrs old, You will be absolutely blown away at how fast the time flies by. Enjoy your time with your new son.
  8. Elmo777

    TTR 125 Ride height?

    Yamaha also makes the TTR 12L which is the same bike just a little taller. I'm pretty sure the tires for the 12L would fit your TTR. The size difference is on your TTR the front tire is 17" the rear is 14" on the TR125L the front is 19" the rear is 16". You will gain around 2 inches, Not a huge difference but if it would be enough it certainly would be cheaper then switching out the front end. Then you could add a big bore kit from either BBR or another reputable co. Good luck.
  9. OK here is the deal, I own a 2002 wr 426 bought it new and have loved it since the day I brought her home. I have made alot of the mods that I needed to to make it competitive on the track as well as the trails. Now here's the problem, I'm 36 years old, married with 4 kids and when it comes to taking the big doubles and triples, the nerves are flat out gone. I don't know if it's cause I've been busted up enough times that I've wised up or need a skirt. So how do you get that no fear mentality back cause I can't seem to find it. Any ideas would help.
  10. Elmo777

    YZ250F for trail riding??

    I had a similar problem when I had to try to decide between the 426 yzf or the 426 wr. I wanted a bike that I could use for both trail and motocross and since I trail ride more then I ride motocross I chose the wr. I added a whitebros pipe, changed the timing to a yzf and modified the air box as well as cutting the gray wire under the tank. These simple mods have given me the best of both worlds, However the wr has more top speed then a yzf due to the wide ratio transmision. One of the downsides to the wr over the yzf is the weight difference. The wr is a heavier bike. But with a little money and suspension tuning you can make it mx comfortable. Good luck on the choice.