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  1. mxjustin

    2017 Reliability?

    What's wrong with the brake lines? Expand? Is that the cause of the sponge brakes on kawis? My front brake on '17 KX250F is irritating...
  2. Please , someone who share Motocross action MXA digital version .zno and .xml or .pdf are welcome...., we enjoy a lot and we cant buy it here Regards
  3. mxjustin

    CR 125 Manual!!

    Today is your luky day. Many years ago my 1997 honda cr125 didnt start....and had the opportnity to verify thar 1997 coils are unique, diferent of all others models, diferent of 1996 and 1998 because this first aluminium frame bike had a new stator. Cr125 1997 had a diferrent black box that 1996, that is the reason of the diferent coil resistance. So the resistant of the charger coil is 75 ohms, believe me, because my friend bike cr125 1997 too, and i mesure that coil.... i hope this help you....from Argentine, South America