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    making my own spark arrestor

    Your ears wont pop at 150dB. It will give you a headache in about 3 minutes though. I used to have an S10 blazer that had 4 15's in it and I hit 155db all while sitting in the vehicle holding the microphone. You cant even see straight when its that loud but its kinda fun, your hair tingles like you have spiders in it. As for the 50 putting out 150dB It might if they stuck it directly on hole of the head pipe and if he had like 13+:1 compression ratio bouncing it off the rev limiter but I doubt it. It physically cant move that amount of air. My 525sx with a WB straight through exhaust hit 108db at 12 inches (right when they told me I couldnt enter the state forest)
  2. CRazy525

    Can't find the nerve or balls!!

    I dont really know how to explain it. The tempo isnt really driving up your speed its keeping your thoughts on the music. Its almost like after you role things a few times your brain can do the calculations without having to think about it. Works for me I'm alot more relaxed when listening. Try it sometime you might actually give it the
  3. CRazy525

    KTM250SXF on Ebay.

    I noticed it and posted ?cheap on a different forum. One of the members contacted him. Said the bike was in Greece and would ship out the bike once he recieved payment. Also said he wouldnt do paypal because of 2 percent hit lol. I thought it was a scam to begin with.
  4. CRazy525

    RFS cam timing

    Do a search on KTMtalk.com for the manual. You can download a PDF file for the forks, shock, and motor. Let me know if you cant find it.
  5. CRazy525

    Can't find the nerve or balls!!

    Go get an MP3 player play your favorite tunes while your riding, youll start singing the songs and forget about even being worried. With suspension of today most of the obstacles on smaller tracks should be able to be soaked up even if you happen to case it. Just remember the more tense you get the slower you react in a mishap. Im 25 and even though I may not be as old I just started riding last year. I had problems being scared jumping small 15 foot doubles for that whole year of riding. Then popped on the MP3 player just went out and had some fun. In 3 weeks of riding the same track I just relaxed and let the rythm of the music decide my throttle position. Now I can do 50 - 60 footers with the occasional short landing. I have always had back problems after an injury when I was 20, and when I first started riding I tore my MCL. The MCL injury shouldnt have happend, it was all because I froze, tensing up my arms and legs and instead of reacting to the hard landing I just biffed it.
  6. OK thx for the info James. Ill try the red #5 for when I have the spark arrestor on with the 180main. After the bog the top end felt great so Ill keep that main and try the red. Ill be recieving a new full exhaust tomorrow so Ill try your recommended settings for that, and see if the exhaust is what was causing the bog. Dont worry about the jets, only one main jet was off. I can go pick up one from the dealer near by. I feel that the response on here indicating what might help is worth much more than a jet. Keep it up.
  7. CRazy525

    05 525 smoking ?

    I just bought a new leftover 04 525 sx. It never smoked before or had hesitation. After the 2nd ride I installed the JD Jet kit, and its also smoking which it didnt before. I also now have some hesitation. It may be because of the heat here. Right now its avg of 90 so I may need to make it leaner. I also have a little popping on decel, but not much. Using blue needle 3rd clip, 180 main, 1 3/4 out fuel screw.
  8. James I bought one of your jet kits. Love the instructions very easy to install. I do have a couple questions though. I installed the Blue needle 3rd clip and a 180 main (kit came with mixed up jet got a 172 instead of needed 182). Fuel screw 1.75 out to eliminate popping. Anyhow question is, would the main jet being one size too lean cause the bike to bog out? I came out of a corner like normal to jump a step up and bike bogged so I ended up casing it. The other thing that was done too though was an EXC spark arrestor was put on, maybe this messed up my jetting? Should I be jetting it differently with the EXC spark arrestor on? I got your kit too for our 05 EXC, but I didnt want to try the jetting because its alot leaner.