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  1. scurray

    What is weight of your helmet?

    i find it quite strange, considering that weight is a big design focus that none of the manufacturers list the weight of their products in the spec sheets. I have found out the Fox V3 is 1.3kg (2.9lb) but still nothing on any others.
  2. In the market for a new helmet, and I am struggling to find anywhere the weight specs of most helmets, If there is a few guys or girls out there that would be so kind as to give me some weights of there helmet it would be much appreciated. Looking at either a Fox V3, One industries trooper or kombat. Cheers
  3. scurray

    All purpose tyre

    Thanks, will look into it. I suppose its near impossible to get something for soft and rocky terrains that will still do the job.
  4. I recently cleaned my o-ring chain then sat it in a bucket of old sump oil for a week. Came out almost good as new, hope to get atleast another 6 months out of it. Might be worthwhile if you can wait?
  5. scurray

    Cheap Tire$ for Off Road (+road)

    I agree, very hard to get a good all around tyre, you might have to pay a bit extra if you want it to last.
  6. scurray

    hydration for a 3hr hare scramble

    Recommend camelbaks!!! The best way to keep hydrated is to sip continually, camelbaks are perfect for this and quite cheap. And a gwenvy said you need to replace body salts. Gatorade will do the trick, alternate between it and water for best result.
  7. First time to the site, and very impressed to date. Was wondering what would be a good tyre (front and rear) for all round terrain? Currently have DunlopD756 on the rear but, lost its edge after only a days riding. Of course the tracks were rocky that day. Don't particularly want to spend $120 every other weekend. Any suggestions? Would like something that might last