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  1. Flynall

    How many brits are on here?

    Visiting from California... I finished my work and looking for a trail ride. I am in Inverness but can drive to ??? To ride... I fly home on the 31st of Aug. Thanking you in advance.
  2. Flynall

    KTM 500 EXC Gearing: need advice.

    For a 14 48 setup on the 500EXC, did you need to add a link to the chain?
  3. My 08 250XCF-W manual specified DOT 5.1 brake fluid for the rear....The cap on the brake said DOT 4.... I initially tried the 5.1 peer the manual and I got the same response you did, nothing. After talking with service at Malcolm Smith Motorsports, I flushed it out with 4.0. Problem gone! Hope this helps..
  4. Flynall

    What's the most difficult race around here?

    The Big Bear Run may be the most difficult day of "anything" that I've ever done. I don't know anyone that has finished it that said it was a cruise.... Bike must be plated. Route is provided via a roll chart and GPS map tracks which is what most use. Navigation is a key skill. This is NOT a race against the other riders, usually it is a race against the clock and a test of skills and conditioning. The ride usually has the most difficult tests near the end. Usually about half the finishers have been on their bikes for more than 10 hours. It is very gratifying to finish the darn thing. I am not sure that I would call in fun..... RH
  5. Had my thumb crushed in a hang glider "landing" in 1971. Similar, but even messier. It healed fine and is still fine. The one operation that was required to cut off the the rest of the bone when it was apparent that there wasn't enough skin to cover redefined my definition of pain. they too stitched my thumb nail down through the nail and the end of my thumb. Didn't know that they could do that.... It all turned out fine. Yours should too. Good luck and hang in there. Roy
  6. Regarding the maintenance requirement, it really depends on whether it is abused or not. It will allow the rider to ride up hills in 3d gear slipping the clutch the whole way, and just like a manual clutch, it will wear out the components very quickly. With some care it might even be better than a manual clutch. I have 9,800 of mostly technical miles on my 07 KTM450EXE. I installed the Rekluse on it straight away and am till using original friction and drive pack! I started riding pretty late in life and have 3 different bikes with Rekuse Clutches installed. I am a big fan of how well they feather the clutch when needed... RH
  7. SINCE NO HERE EVER, EVER WOULD RIDE IN ANY ILLEGAL AREAS, THIS POST IS UNNECESSARY. POST AS MUCH AS YOU WANT IN YOUR NORMAL RIDING AREAS! There are two fundamental sins in life.... First is being there, and the second is communicating. In other words, if you are not there or not communicating, it is hard to be found guilty.... The observation that this post my be damaging is probably correct. If we have an overwhelming vote to delete any post that is found to advertise a trespass situation, then THEY will assume the vast majority must be doing so.... Maybe this post should go....? The mods should already be on top of managing this flow of information. We as TT members shouldn't ever be publishing information that will contribute to the reduction of our riding areas... RH
  8. Flynall

    NueTech Tubliss Review

    Changing tires with the Tubeless system is easier and faster than with tubes. It is a little different, so there is learning curve, but once you've done a couple of times, it is so much easier! RH
  9. Flynall


    Gotlabs, Yo da guy! Thank you very much. I am from So Cal but visit a division in Fairfield & Fredrickserg Virginia a couple of times a year.... RH
  10. Flynall


    Riding with buddies is great to deal with moderate mistakes.... BUT IF YOU HAPPEN TO RIDE OFF A SERIOUS CLIFF, HAVING BUDDIES ALONG PROBABLY WON'T MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE OUTCOME. The good news is that they will know where your body is, however I don't find that very comforting. Riding always requires at least moderately good judgement whether alone or in a group. RH Ps. Don't use your luck unless you really need it!
  11. Ur Uh,, My friend comes to the Republic fo California occasionally to ride here, it was part of the deal that I would cover the insurance. It is through Progressive. RH
  12. Flynall

    Nice day for a ride.

    Brings a whole new meaning to the term "woody" now doesn't it???? I am really happy that the Docs figured it out even if it was a little late. Very glad that you are going to be OK! RH
  13. OK, This is the question: I am a California resident, and I have a Missouri road licensed very cool quasi-custom KTM off road bike that a dear friend has loaned me. He and I are both listed listed on the insurance here in CA. I have been riding it CA for some time now, and it is available for him to ride in CA as well during his short visits.... Is there a problem with this? RH
  14. Put 3 or 4 ounces of slime in you tubes (or better yet the TuBliss system) and try the same ride with much lower tire pressures. My Hawaiian friends run all the way down to 10 in front and 7 in the back in order to deal with the slimy ooze climbs on the islands... It makes a huge difference in traction. As long as you ride pretty light on the bike, you will probably avoid pinch flats.... The slime lubricates the inside of the tube and prevents to the tubing from sticking to itself when pinched. I have run the TuBliss setup in my primary bike for the 5 months and am very pleased with it. RH
  15. I have a Leo Vince Pipe on an 08 KTM250/350WCF-W. It is very quiet, light and makes excellent power. (It was Dwight Rudder's choice.) Haven't tried the others though... RH