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  1. if i know the light is a problem i ride over and push the button first
  2. 53v

    Oh Sh!t

    i also completed simalar mods on my drz and when i gassed it i totaly launched off the earth if i hadn't done that berm shot off the moon i might not be here posing i mean posting now on tall tales er thumper talk
  3. 53v

    Market value for CA plated DRZ-E?

    check with the dmv and ca air resources board to see if you can transfer the plate .
  4. 53v

    Jetting and pipe 05 400s

    yes i do wonder, maybe a little bit rich on the main but it runs great and i shift and use (abuse) the clutch less. i would not have tried this on my own before researching this forum and following burned specs.so thanks for the good advice. results from simaler mods.seem to have a wide range of results and am posting for comparision
  5. I just completed jetting and air box mods. 3x3 cut out, 25 pilot,142.5 main and yosh full system. Getting the carb out is about as much fun as cleaning the air filter on my crf450.The bike runs clean everywhere no bogging,stalling or surging.I can pull everything a gear taller with ease,and lost about 5 miles per hour pinned on the street.I'm running the fuel screw 2.5 out and did not seem to be real sensitive from 1.75 to 3. Overall I like the setup .
  6. check with the ca air resourses board an out of state plate needs ca air board sticker or 7000 or so miles
  7. sounds like a good deal,make sure it has a transferable ca plate. i recently bought a new 400s and have found lots of great info here
  8. 53v

    new to group

    hi all i have a ca 05 drzs i use for daily commute 6mi rd trip and occasonal dual sport ride elv. 0' to 5000' i'm planning to modify using (thank you) burned's airbox and jetting setup w/ yosh rs3 full system could anyone tell me if the stock main is 142.5? and if i can use it or do i need dj 142.5? i am also wondering if i should check and or change the float level and if so what is the correct diamension? thanks! 53v