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  1. yz250f /450f
  2. ill be there 125C stock and mod
  3. i called and the guy said they were closed
  4. i went by today and the track looks really dry
  5. if they are open im going
  6. im goin to BD on sat if they open if closed then snake creek
  7. im trying to decide between the michelin ms3 and mh3 or the dunlop d952, ive always used dunlop and the 952 and it last pretty good hooks up good but the edges get rounded off easily...ive seen alot of people using michelin starcross so im thinking of switching...i race motocross and only ride on tracks and most tracks i ride on are soft-intermediate condition but some tracks get dried up in the 2nd moto or after a long question is out of the ms3 or the mh3 which one is better overall, does the ms3 last good in hardpack, and does the mh3 last good in soft conditions??? im leaning towards mh3 for the back, is the ms3 or mh3 a better front tire?
  8. ive only been using the dunlop d952 tires on 250f front and back, and im thinking of switching to michelin ms3 tires.. has anyone used both of these tires before and do the ms3 last longer, and hook up better? i want to know because the ms3 is 10-15$ more front and rear
  9. how do u know were not already good in corners
  10. so?????
  11. diamond motorsports in dover delaware
  12. finally someone who is really boring now , thats probobly why they changed the track because so many people complained that the track was to hard and to tiring so they shortened it up and put all these small jumps in...they need to make it harder, and put that single to table back
  13. Sx

    yea at noon on cbs i think
  14. yea i forgot about there any closer to delaware, does doublin gap and sleepy hollow have open practices?
  15. ama sx lites on at 6 eastern...