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  1. Thanks Woodsrat I will search and read your posts fixes..gearing and other related fixes for the 70
  2. Hello Woodsrat I got great news.When you said try the kill switch as it may be faulty.That was it you fixed it. The bike is back to normal,better than normal with the rev box handling the ignition now. I don't know how I can thank you.! So I say Thank You Woods Your time and help is deeply appreciated ! How can I repay you? Here in Pennsylvania where the kid is riding it's dusty.But Woods you made one little boy very happy to be riding in that dust.I give him a full tank in the morning.He quits only when the tank runs dry. LOL Thanks again
  3. Hi Woodsrat No need to be sorry.! This is a good learning experience for both my son and I.Now I'm going to check the kill switch and wiring. You're 100% right about that switch.I should have thought of it.That dude you used to ride with,that jogged my memory.Yup as a kid I did that with my Dads truck,turn the key off a lil,turn it back on.Then boom.! It was funny until it blew the muffler apart.Then I got some "Sperience"" lets say,changed my mind quick. LOL. Ok I will try disconnecting one at a time.Yes I agree there is no doubt in my mind,you'd have it running in tip top shape in no time. Thank You Woodsrat. I'll post what I find. dirt digger
  4. Hello Woodsrat I've been pretty busy since the holiday.Finally I can get back to you and say hello and hello to all members. I got the BBR Rev box it's installed.The 70 no longer backfires on straights, it will back fire going into a turn.A gas off braking, downshift slowing down situation in turns now.Is that a result of the way it's being ridin' lol divebombing into turns so to speak. All i did was swap out the oem module for the rev box,no timing or any other adjustments.What I did forget to mention from the beginning is how it sounds.The pipe is good neither cracked or blocked baffle installed .Hmm this is harder to explain.You know the lovely sound a four stroke makes .From idle during a call for power up through the gears.It's a crisp clean unmistakeable exhaust note. In high gear 3rd in this case rolling out of the throttle for a wide sweeping turn where no brakes are needed. Then getting back up on the (steering wheel) as the Nascar folks describe a racer as racing.! The sound goes from clean sounding.To Raspy? or throaty? or boggish? or cutting out? or stuttering sounding? For maybe a few seconds until it clears out.It doesn't appear to be power robbing just sounds like it is I'm not sure.I'm over the max weight limit to try it myself to feel what it's doing under that condition.Does it with a new sparky as well as the old one. Thank You for your Time Woodsrat dirtdigger
  5. Thanks Woodsrat Well I finally tried checking the timing marks as you suggested.The "O" is where it should be.Meaning I think the chain didn't jump a tooth either way.You elimanated all possibilities and narrowed it successfully down to the "black box" I have one ordered.I could not have done it without you or Thumpertalk. !! I thank you and all who responded to my newbie questions.I really appreciate the time and effort put forth in this forum to get my son's fiddy back in the dirt. Me having learned some good bacic knowledge in this forum.I can only hope I can help out a fellow rider here sometime.
  6. Hi Woodsrat Happy Holiday to you and all members I'm going to try looking at the cam timing.As for the timing light the "F" is aligned up with the factory notch on side of case at idle,giving it a steady increase of throttle there is no a "vaccum" advance of the timing mark. Whether the throttle is appied smooth and steady or givin' a few quick wicks.So far it looks like it's as you suggested in the "black box" or iginition control module.I will give you the results of wheter i can fix it or just end up taking it to a shop. Thanks for helping me P.S. With you help I may get the kid back bustin' berms soon
  7. Thanks Woodsrat Do you have a web address for a Big Gun brand box .? I don't have any other ignition modules to try other than whats on the bike.I timed the "F" mark and I got no movement clockwise or counter clock wise.To me it looks like what everyone here has posted so far in response to my question.Thanks for helping and don't worry about the double marks lol.Now I'm aware certain models of honda's have them.I didn't know that before.
  8. Should the "f" mark on the flywheel be timing with the factory cut on the side of the case? What double lines,where do i find them? Here's what I have I tried timing it of the "f" mark at idle and then giving it some throttle.No sign of anything advancing the timing.The "f" stays in the same spot. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Thank you I think I'm making progress in this learning curve
  9. I wanted to test the timing that seemed the easiest thing to check first.Now I'm baffled no battery on the crf 70.Can I use a car or truck battery as the auxillary battery with an inductive timing light.? If that's possible no problem then. I really,really appreciate the help offered.My boy I'll call him thumper Jr.Is wanting to ride in the worst way possible,to tear up the trails. Thanks to all forum members.I appreciate the help This is a great learning experience for me.Made possible from your help. Thank You
  10. Thank you for a such a quick response Now that you mention leaning out.I had the boy try riding it with the choke half closed.No back fires of course it didn't have a lot of power.No need for me to tell you that. As for the valve clearance.How much is a little more.? Is it possible to lash the valve(s) on cold idle.?Adjust both intake and exhaust or just exhaust.? As for lack of thumper experience. I am looking at valve adjustment by older V-8 car engines.On car engines is where I have experiece,but all thumbs on thumpers. Thank you for responding I'll let you know of the progress I make.
  11. Hello Members:) I'm a newbie here just joined this forum. I have some experience with motocrossers.They were all 2 strokes now I'm the owner of a 2004 Honda crf 70.My sons truthfully.I'm lost on how to make certain repairs.It seems the bike ran fine until last week.Starts easy,seems normal in that respect.The problem it seems like it's having is it started backfiring while riding it.This happens when under throttle riding normally.Its not a one time "pop" .The backfires occur randomly while under power.May pop once then it will pop a few times right in a row.Once it starts backfiring one can see a big blue flame come out of the exhaust.My first thought was..its the valves.Now I don't know what to think is problem.The owners manual that came with the bike covers a lot of ground all the basics.No trouble shooting the issue of backfiring out the exhaust.I was charged an arm and a leg on the 6 month service checkup.Despite being told while forking over the cash that it would be free of charge.That is why I want to fix or repair this myself for my son. Any ideas here in Thumper land? What to do,what to check? The valve clearance with cold engine at TDC is 0.002 whats the owners manual suggests.Thats very tiny. Any suggestions or what direction to look in is greatly appreciated.! Thanks In Advance