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  1. NorthCarolina

    I have now seen and experienced the famous red clay of Brushy Mountain. It is red! And slick, but not unridable by any means. We made our trip. Took 7 1/2 hours. Got there late Thursday and rode Friday. We started on 1c just to get back in the groove and shake down the bikes, been 4 moths since we rode. Then did most of the enduro trail, very tight. Saturday we stated with 9c, great trail then headed out again and got caught in the downpour. The trails were soaked but still ridable. Goggles were the problem and it was 4:00. We figured the trails would be closed on Sunday after all the rain, but after "call before you haul", we headed out. Got a late start and figured we would just stick to the easy trails to see how wet it was. Amazing how quickly its ridable again. We did the single track on section B, dont remember the number. 2b maybe. Great trail, reminds me of the rails we ride here onle narrower with less rocks. Then we hit 5b. very narrow trail with some never ending downhills and a few tough sections. Deep slick ruts with roots. Then it was time to leave. Had a great trip. Weather could have been dryer but everything was ridable. Will definately try to make another trip in late fall perhaps and hit the trails we missed. Thanks to Richard for being so nice. He said the trails were "greeeeeeasy", he was right. But not bad at all.
  2. NorthCarolina

    Is there a snack shack at the trail head? Do we need to pack lunch?
  3. NorthCarolina

    Hoping the weather cooperates for this weekend. Bikes are ready. Lots of new gear and parts to break in...or break.
  4. NorthCarolina

    Staying at a cabin about 15 or 20 minutes north....I think. Not sure of address or location. Getting there Thursday night. Not sure what time we will hit the trails on Friday. Just look for four idiot Yankees that dont know what they are doing.
  5. NorthCarolina

    Looks like next weekend is going to be warm and dry!!!!!!! Headed down Next Thursday. Planning on riding Fri, Sat, Sun as long as the old bones hold up.
  6. NorthCarolina

    Only two weeks now. Just hoping for the weather to cooperate. No tornadoes please.
  7. NorthCarolina

    Hope the weather holds off for a while longer. Only three weeks now. Bikes are ready to go. Havent ridden since November.
  8. NorthCarolina

    Hey Oldmanx, Thanks for the info. We are headed down there March 15th. Planning on riding that Friday Saturday and Sunday. Gonna be a long ride home. Bones and muscles tend to stiffen up after riding for three days then sitting in a truck for 8 hours! What part of Pa. are you in? Ever ride Marienville or Rocky Gap? Thats are main stomping grounds. What about the riding passes? Should i buy them in advace or just get them at the trail?
  9. NorthCarolina

    Too wet????? We will see. The weather is the only thing I dont hve some control over, so Im not going to worry about it or plan for it till then. One year on our trip to Hatfields, we got caught in a microburst while riding at the top of a mountain near one of the camp sites. Never seen anything like it. Wind was blowing up! Literally had to lay down with the bike next to a berm till it passed... Rain is nothing.
  10. NorthCarolina

    No kids. Just some 40 year olds that act like kids!!! We are heading down on March 16th. Planning on riding the 17th 18th and 19th. Hope to see some other folks there and hit the trails. Always welcome others to ride with. especially locals that know their way around.
  11. NorthCarolina

    We will just have to wait and see what happens with the weather. If it is too wet....we will just hit the dual use trails. Which im not opposed too. All the trails I ride here in Pa. are dual use. They are labled dual use, however some of them are more technical than others. The best part is that they are directional. No chance of a head on collision. There is an 11 mile loop that we ride alot that is dual use. Ive seen everything from kids on minis to big utility quads. The good thing about it is that you can go as slow as you want or as fast. Takes us about 35 or 40 minutes to do the loop. Basically its almost a single lap moto. Its all fun. I would recommend it to any one. there are just a few tricky sections but not inpassable. Hatfields is similar. Even the trails rated difficult are 3 miles of easy trail with a small section that is difficult. Its fine with me. I just didnt like the 40 foot wide dirt roads and non directional trails. Im looking forward to riding there, rain or not!
  12. NorthCarolina

    You are correct...Brown is closed till April!!! Maybe another time. And we do have some clay here in Pa. It is slick as ice when wet. We have lots of rock and gravel at the trails I ride here in Pa. Check out Marienville and Rocky Gap. Both in North West Pa. Both state run in a national forest. Great trails. Actually the trails are better when wet.(isnt everything!) Better traction and no dust!!!!!! Thankfully I have brand new rubber on my sled. That may help if it gets slick......I rode at Wayne National Forest in November. It was dry but i bet its slick as snot if it gets wet. Thanks for all the info fellow riders. Keep it coming!
  13. NorthCarolina

    I found a cabin about 30 minutes away. Perfect for 4 riders. Im sure we will meet up with some of the local riders. Hope you N.C. boys treat us Yankees well!!!! Cant wait. Local trails around here are shut down till end of May.
  14. NorthCarolina

    Brown Mountain isnt open till April. Planning on riding March 16th weekend...so Brushy it is!
  15. NorthCarolina

    Its better than Brushy Mountain? For bikes!!!!! Where is it? T.T. is having website issues.