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  1. he owns a tree nursey dude. now i see why it looked wierd my bad
  2. Blue balls? At least your honest. lame post but I needed to find a friend and didnt have his number.
  3. looks like the rain in the northwest has brought out the green river killer in all you depressed BC Bud users. Got the info I needed. You all have a Nice TREE HUGGER DAY now you hear.
  4. Thanks so much. I thought it was a little squrily on the sand.
  5. Sounds like your XR400 has tw3isted your head. Have you ever known anyone from another state???????????? Nice try though.
  6. I was looking for the Best places to ride around Logan Utah? Can you help me?
  7. how do I know this is E? Give me more details. Washington location looks fishy. Wrong state bud.
  8. Could someone give me directions to a place called Honda Hill in Sun Valley near Reno. Thats all I know of. I go to Moonrocks a couple of times a week and need a close place from North Sparks that is fairly desent.
  9. I am trying to locate a person. Without giving names. His girlsfriend has the initals RD. She likes horses. This rider switched from CRF450 toa 250. My initals are JB. Get back to me E. Trying to locate you on the TT. J
  10. I was wondering what air P. I should run in the front and back tires. I ride in Reno. So its dry rocky here and there sandy etc. I only ride trails and some hill climbing whenever possible.