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  1. Frostbite you are truly an inspiration to anyone who thought about cold weather riding . I'm from your part of the world, well where u were originally from and have been pondering on using my bike this winter on some of the logging roads that are plowed and maybe on some of the groomed trails once their froze up. I have looked over your pics and they have really boosted my confidence about the whole snow riding deal, I hope u keep us updated on the track kit and the performance it gives. At this time I'm going to stud my tires because I have an older bike(85 XL 350r for dirt only) and don't think I can adapt the kit to my bike, but hope to get a new bike and a track kit for next season. :D Peace MikeM
  2. mikem2

    Just Woundering

    Thanks for the info, thats pretty much what i figured but needed a second opinion. Much Appreciated MikeM
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    Just Woundering

    TOP Can anyone at all help me? Thanks MikeM
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    Just Woundering

    No one has any info on this? , I searched the site but couldn't find much info on the type of electrical system on the bike. MikeM
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    Just Woundering

    I have an 85 XL 350R that has been basically converted to a dirt only bike, the head light/single lights/tail light/horn/speedo/dash indicator lights/battery has been removed. Personally i don't mind this because I ride dirt only and it really lightens the bike up, but may install them sometime down the road for street use(i have them all). I'm wondering if leaving the battery and lights off the bike would harm the electrical system because there is no currant being drawn. Thanks for your help MikeM
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    Xl 350r

    On a side note I herd somewhere that on some 2-stroke motors you will damage the stator if u don't run any electronics, U have to have a small amount of currant going somewhere(tail light, speedo, tach). Do 4 stroke motors have a stator? and will i damage the motor if i don't run any lights/gages/battery?. I'm thinking not because Ive herd of trikes being run with no prob without battery but I could very well be way off. MikeM
  7. Hey All im new to the site and after a year or so of lerking in the shadows i decided to join.LOL Im looking for some info on the xl. I recently purchased this bike about 3 weeks ago and the single lights were taken off, the head light didnt work(faulty switch) and it was used as a dirt only bike. After striping it to the frame and checking everything out i found that it had a bettery but it wasent hooked up, i took the battery out and eliminated the head light/tail light and switches/horn(i will only use it as a dirt bike) . Im woundering if i will damage the electrical system by doing this and if i should put the battery back in and hook up a headlight(i may do this anyway if i find i want to do some night rideing). Thanks for your help MikeM