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  1. We use those at work. No, not the fake turbo part of it. I`d be hard pressed to believe that it has any function at all. http://www.exair.com/en-US/Primary%20Navigation/Products/Air%20Amplifiers/Pages/Super%20Air%20Amplifier.aspx
  2. Nope, it`s crossed drilled and notched. Grease goes right to the center and then out. I plan on doing the swing arm bolt this winter probally.
  3. No issues at all. The puller will have 2 places for a wrench. Be carefull of the left hand thread.
  4. GYTR on the left, stock on the right. Your going to need a flywheel puller.
  5. Not a slam but, I`m not for a auto clutch, they put those on pw50`s. Seems like alot of coin just to avoid a stall when jamming on the rear brake.........
  6. That right there is what I was going to say. I ran the R50 and found I just wasn`t generating the RPMs that this oil needs. I switched to the Klotz super techniplate TC3 stuff. Tis perfect now.
  7. The newer 01-02 Valved motors are around 120 and the older non-valved 99 motors are about 100ish.
  8. Electric start and a automatic clutch, I think Yamaha calls it a FJR1300AE..............
  9. Well I`ve been really lookin forward to this ride, really!!!! and today I was told to go out on service work starting tomorrow and also will be working on Saturday. Dammitall!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Here is a 1984 U.S. version. Hope this helps
  11. Anyone familiar with 1986 Yamaha TT350 carb? I have a busted brass hex thing that doesn`t match the Yamaha diagrahm. #45 shows a screw and I have a hex piece. I`m reluctant to order #45 just yet. Anyone have some info? Many thanks.
  12. One would think with 10,000 people watching that you would make sure your pit crew had his pants pulled up......... Great jump BTW!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I`m planning on attending this ride. Probally can get 1 or 2 others to join as well. I/we will probally do the campground thing.
  14. I`m planning on attending this ride. Probally can get 1 or 2 others to join as well.