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  1. Bushdoctorx

    What is going to replace the DRZ?

    Hi Guys I have done a search on this topic but not come up with any reasent answers so please don't moan at me if I have missed something...My question is: Does anyone know what Suzuki will be replacing the DRZ with?
  2. Bushdoctorx

    Do DRZ tires have tubes?

    I have an SK7 DRZ400sm and I bought it new from the dealer. It does have 'inner' tubes as us Brits call them. There should be no need to replace your existing tube if it is not damaged. I would take the advice from above and get a local tire shop to fit your new tire and at the same time advise you on if a new tube is needed....If it is this certainly shouldn't be a problem as the size is very common and a new tube which also contains a new valve should be easy to find and not too expensive I always get the guy I buy my tires from to fit them too as it is very easy to damage the tube if you don't have all the correct tools and you havn't done it before.
  3. Bushdoctorx

    What happens to stolen bikes?

    Mine was stolen from the carpark at work (physically lifted) from its parking space into the side door of a Trani-van. It was 3 years old and had 7,000 miles on the clock. The serious majority of people including a scrap guy I know a policeman and loads of biker mates said it would be broken up an siold for parts. Most likely abroad. They all said dont expext to see it again and so far I haven't and that was 3 years ago now. I now own a 1 year old DRZ400sm...Will this be the last 400 of its ilk? Are there any plans of bringing a new one out?...I keep hearing about Euro 3 emissions not in relation to the DRZ's
  4. Bushdoctorx

    Width of rear supermoto wheel

    Would anyone like to comment on the price? Please
  5. Bushdoctorx

    Width of rear supermoto wheel

    Thanks Eddie
  6. Bushdoctorx

    Width of rear supermoto wheel

    Hi guys Hope this question hasn't been asked too many times before...I did a search but couldn't seem to find anything. I am looking at buying a set of (new) Supermoto wheels for my 'S'...excel rims with talon hubs...the guy who is making them up said I can have a 4 and a half or 5inch real wheel...Obviously the wider the better but I have heard of problems with the chain rubbing...so would I be better off going with the 4 1/2inch option just to be on the safe side ? Also I was going to run the price past you guys to see what you think. The wheels are £540 with spacers etc. and then £170 for a wavey disk and the caliper bracket. So around 700 quid for the lot brand new. Please comment Does that sound like a fair price?
  7. Bushdoctorx

    My DR350 stolen Sat right beside my DRZ400SM.

    Two suggestions and one question Screw a camera to the wall nearest to where the bike is...make it obvious that it is there...even if it doesnt work...thieves hate to be filmed. Is there any chance of sinking a gound anchor then chain it thru the frame with the most expensive lock and chain that will fit Can anyone tell me what a 'Lowjack' is please. Good luck guys...my first DRZ was stolen from the car park at work in broad daylight....it had a fat chain thru the wheel and steering lock on to stop anyone riding/pushing it a away but some guys just pulled up in an old ford van and lifted it into the back..it was caught on CCTV and they only took 2 mins but the camera was too far away to see the registration number....bastards...cops didnt even come...just gave me a crime number for my insurance...still got back £400 pounds more than I paid for it...but as you guys know, thats not the point.
  8. Bushdoctorx

    DRZ to be discontinued?

    So it seems you guys don't really know anymore than I do...I will pop into my local dealer as soon as i get the chance and see what he reckons...will let you all know if I have any definate news
  9. Bushdoctorx

    DRZ to be discontinued?

    Hi folks I was browsing the dual purpose section of the Suzuki UK owners club when I came across this, I quote: 'as you may already be aware, the current DRZ400 will be killed off in december 2007 as it won't meet emissions requirements. expect some good deals on new bikes and accessories.' Anyone know anything about this?
  10. Bushdoctorx

    Restrictor Question

    I would suggest contacting your local Suzuki dealer...there is 1 near wher u live he will be open on tueasday...and hey kids dont do drugs X
  11. Bushdoctorx

    Confused and need help please?

    I just did a quick google and a US gallon is 8 pints...so it all seems to make sense. I really do think its about time our American friends went metric...It would save a lot of confusion...LOL
  12. Bushdoctorx

    Confused and need help please?

    I know that a UK quart (old money) is equal to 2 pints...and 2 pints is roughly 1 litre...thefore if 2 quarts equals 2 litres you would be about 200 mil over the required amount but 200 mil aint a lot and as the guys say you dont have to be 100% acurate as long as its on the dip stick when the oil is warm. I find in the UK that in the summer the 3min thing works ok but in colder weather the bike needs a 5 min run...I guess it depends on the ambient air temperature just the same as I find the choke hardly neccessary in the warmer weather.
  13. Bushdoctorx

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    A couple of pics of my 05 'S'
  14. Bushdoctorx

    best offroad tires for DR-Z400S

    I ran Michelin AC10's for a year...great off-road and fine on tarmac in the dry..just a bit slippy in the wet...but then all knobblys will be...I agree with the post above that if you are doing 80% off-road then go for the fattest ones you can that are still road legal. P.S. Can anyone tell me how to insert a picture into the post...not just a link. Cheers Steve http://www.yourfilehost.com/media.php?cat=image&file=AC10__s.jpg
  15. Bushdoctorx

    Spent my money now wondering...advice please

    Thanks for that you have made me feel much better...as I said before what I am really looking for is something that looks sexy and sounds good so if I can just bolt it straight on I will be happy...also I guess that at a later date i can add a downpipe open up the airbox and re-jet if I am feeling brave.