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    Drz400sm Mods

    to torked: brooksville is about an hour north of tampa. to istepino: that would be cool, i have motorcycle observed trials nationals in two weeks so i will be busy for a long while but after we should get in touch and go riding. johnatconsumer....: how much did all these mods cost, and where can i get them from.
  2. ForceGearRider

    Drz400sm Mods

    thanks for all the advice, what are the 3X3 mods? where can i get them from? If you want to go supermoto riding i am in Brooksville. _____________________ 05 DRZ400SM 05 SHERCO 290 (observed trials bike) 05 THUMPSTAR120 03 CRF150F 01 RM250
  3. ForceGearRider

    Drz400sm Mods

    I recently purchased a DRZ400SM, and I am wondering if there are any modifications i can do to it to improve performance.