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  1. People ride on the street in shorts and half helmets all the time, too. That doesn't make it a particularly good idea.
  2. Sez the guy with the GoldWing
  3. Yo, mang. Haven't been riding much lately, for obvious reasons - gonna take the little girl to the 37 pit to let her refresh on her CRF50, next weekend I'm thinking Carnegie. Of course, I'm also considering selling my 450X, so we'll see what happens
  4. Hm. I can't seem to find a shaking-my-head smiley.
  5. Um - have you looked at the rear subframe of your bike? No way in hell I'd put somebody I actually cared about on the back of a 450X long enough to need pegs back there.
  6. If I was that sensitive to the idea of being parted from my cash with a promise of exceptional performance, I probably wouldn't have parted with six grand to buy the latest and greatest off-road bike to begin with. The Boyesen cover does a remarkable job of cleaning up the initial throttle response on the bottom end of the spectrum. Of course, to do so it requires that everything else be pretty spot on, or you're just trying to fix the wrong problem.
  7. Snore. Look, if you really don't like the bike, unload it on someone who will.
  8. Or choose not to. Either way, it's your dime
  9. Ayuh. People always forget to specify what they mean by "hard to start", though... could be that valve clearance is affecting the decomp clearance in some cases - thus, "hard to start". My two cents.
  10. No kidding. I didn't get around to checking my valves until at LEAST 20 hours, and wasn't too surprised to find out the intakes were fine but the exhausts were at .008 and .006. No sweat, new shims and away we go. Was it that way from the factory? Probably. Who cares? You own something mechanical, you take care of it. It's kinda like owning a pet.
  11. Is my 450X street legal? Absoutely. Would I use it for regular street use? Not on your life.
  12. Could you post a frontal shot of that? I forget what the headlight/number plate assembly looks like on a 450.
  13. That Trick kit is, well... pretty Trick, really. I had one in my hands at a local shop just after I'd handed over my bike for the Baja Designs installation. One of the pros to that kit: the turn signals and such are nicely tucked away and less prone to damage, no doubt. Of the few cons I noticed, though, what stood out to me was that if I DID bust something on the rear hugger, I'd have to replace a significant amount of stuff... whereas the fairly generic Baja Designs turn signal units (which would be the first to break, I think) are readily available and cheap. Which is all pretty funny considering I have yet to break any part of my kit so far, no matter how hard I've tried.
  14. What DD said. I bought mine AS A STREET LEGAL BIKE, and the dealership took care of DMV for me. For that matter, the plate was in my hand before the bike was back from getting the Baja Designs kit installed. What part of California are you in?
  15. Anybody got a HD SKU for that one?