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  1. Yea prob doesnt help much but you never know. Maybe the forest service supervisior reads the vail daily.
  2. Vote here.
  3. crossfit, circuit training and/or ski conditioning classes has done wonders for me. i push myself much harder in a group class enviroment. i wear a heart rate monitor during races then make sure i hit the same numbers during class. get your diet under control if its an issue. i keep a journal of every thing i eat.
  4. i cant make this weekends mid east but id like to race the up coming SC rounds. Im having a hard time racing in the heat tho! at big buck its was 83, i was roasting after i got off the bike. i almost barfed a few times. anyone ever take a kiddie pool or something like that to cool down after a race? ice bath maybe?
  5. I made the sumter enduro and hare scarmble. No mid east or nchsa yet, not for lack of trying tho. Im entered for senior c this sunday at the big buck gncc. You been racin? Going to big buck?
  6. HRD built a new beginner/vet track i'd like to check some time. im in north charleston off dorchester and ashley phospate.
  7. Yall doin the sorcs race in perry ga? I'd like to try the new mx tracks in gaston one day this weekend. Battery park is also a possibility. Depends on how things shape up after this storm. Id definatly like to hookup asap.
  8. i want to race one of these two series this year. i would prefer nchsa series but it appears the mid east series will be closer for me since i live in charleston sc. I would like to do most of the races. I will probably skip july and aug races due to the heat unless its in the mountains. racing and traveling alone kinda sucks. anyone else interrested in doing these races and need a travel partner? i dont have a truck or a trailer but i can split gas and driving duties. im a mid pack C senior. i would race B if the races are split so we can head home sooner assuming C races after A B pro.
  9. I finally got the e start working today. I ended up replacing it. The orginal one was stuck and wouldnt rotate until i removed it and spun it with vise grips. I also had a cut wire behind number plate. Case closed.
  10. Zig. I tried to message u about starter but i dont think it went through.
  11. SouthCarolina

    It sucks down here. Battery Park has great trails tho. They also have a couple tracks.
  12. Thanks zig. Thats good information. Where'd you get your '13 starter? $50 for your old one aint bad either. Ill pm you. Thanks again.
  13. Meh, so now it just clicks. I twisted and taped wires together. Just as a quick test. The colors on wire harness side are red yellow and red white. Button side are black and red. Im topping off battery to be sure but battery new and charged last week. Probably get slavens rebuild kit for around $100.
  14. i can cut off both connectors and hard wire them together? i noticed on the starter connector has two wires but it also has a black wire that goes from one pin directly to the pin next to it. it looks like a loop. do i need to do anything with it? did you move the kill switch over to the right side once you move the starter button to the left side of the controls? thanks.