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  1. exitsong

    Off road wheel sizez?

    It was my understanding that the excel/talon wheelset was a big factor in overall weight savings over the stock wheelset, not to mention reduced rotating weight. If they're not that much lighter then maybe I've been misled. What is your understanding about it - since you mentioned it? Tom
  2. exitsong

    Off road wheel sizez?

    I suppose the smaller rear wheel (18) would be better for low end and quicker manuvering. I think the 19" wheel would make sense for relativley smoother courses of MX and SX (groomed tracks) as apposed to the ruts, rocks and roots of off road riding. Either way, if the price doesn't go through the roof on the talon/excel wheelset I'm bidding on then I'll be psyched to put replace the stock wheel set. Now I just have to recover from my broken leg.........................
  3. exitsong

    Off road wheel sizez?

    Great, that's what I needed to hear. Now I'm not going to worry about it. Thanks, Tom
  4. exitsong

    Off road wheel sizez?

    I'm bidding on a set of talon/excel wheels for my DRZs model which has pretty much been transformed into a pure off road bike: IMS tank, remove all the extras, lighter weight parts, 13/47 gearing, etc. I figured the wheel set would be a nice addition and good weight savings. My question is regarding rear wheel sizes for off road riding. I know most mx bikes come with the 19/21, but the drz comes with 18/21. I understand that a taller hoop will roll over the bumps easier so with that thinking would a 19" rear wheel make sense? Are there different schools of thought for off road wheel sizes or is it pretty much standard, 17" for supermoto, 18" for on/off road, and 19 for dirt? You know, I usually just ride the bike and don't think about such things, but now that I'm ready to plunk down some cash for a new wheel set I thought I should look into it. Thanks, Tom