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    seeking advice re:broken rad bolt

    thank you for your advice. because i do not fully comprehend your instructions, I think i should take her in to a pro to avoid further issues. sometimes i'm dumb. thanks again.
  2. As i was finishing the install off the unabiker rad guards, i started day dreaming of sunny days and the college girls in their short shorts, and SNAP. I over tightened the top rad to frame bolt and snapped it. ok so what do i do? if i carefully try to drill it out, are there extra precautions i take to avoid an explosion? what about if i damage the threads in the frame, room to make the hole slightly bigger by boring it out? how do i do that? any help is appreciated tremendously. ok thanks
  3. Hello. I am totally new to carbs; but today i pretended to be handy and tore in to the 3x3 mod. all seems to be going smooth until the pilot jet switch. the 25 i ordered through TT is half the length of the stock. apparently i ordered the wrong one. now my bike is in pieces, so i'd like to avoid waiting for one to be shipped. Any local (boulder/denver) shops likely to have what i need? I have a 01 400s (stock for now), and i planned on MJ 128 and pilot 25. is that right? do i also need an extended fuel screw? I have been reading about the 3x3 mod in hundreds of posts for weeks now. what an amazing resource!!! but now my eyes are gonna pop out of i don't stop. any help is appreciated. thanks a billion. jp
  4. drzJP

    How you like them apples?

    hey deeeejaaaaay, could i get that file too please. Jpinboulder@yahooo.com thankyou.
  5. After a ride up corona pass, i noticed my speedometer was no longer working. once back in boulder, i noticed the cable running down the right side must have been pushed into the spokes; as the black tubing around the cable is torn up. the cable was also bent badly in two spots. after trying to straighten the cable it is still not functioning. assuming i need to replace the cable, where do i get one and can a patient newbie do the job? I apologize for the possible simplicity of my question. cheers.