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  1. Have you gone to the DMV and tried?? .......... The EXC was factory street legal, do you have the turn sigs still ?
  2. Kyron

    WTB xr650r radiator help

    Mylers ....... google it
  3. The differences between the two hubs are where the rotor attaches. .... using a L hub in a R fork the rotor will not fitinto the brake caliper
  4. Almost positive the L axle will work ( I forgot and I had both parts everywhere) The L speedo will work.
  5. You need the R wheel. A new head light and speedo(they mount to the clamp) All balls sells a conversion bearing to make the thicker stem work .... make sure you use the spacers cause the R stem is longer too....
  6. It will fit WITHOUT the disk on....... the disk is mounted closer to the fork leg on the L hub so the brake mounts are diffrent on the L fork The forks and front wheel on the L are really the only of its type...... There is no other dirt bikes front hub that will work with the brake mounts on the L forks What /why are you trying to do?
  7. Kyron

    I'm not going to do it THAT way again!

    So what's the new bike going to be? KTM 350 ????
  8. Kyron

    What's the first thing you do to a 650xrl?

    Make 5 more posts asking the same question? Read ..... read
  9. A CR500 makes a crappy DS bike ..... I've tried it. If your honest after 10 street miles the fun will have wore off. I had a 95 CR500 that was street legal in Ca. I converted it in 98 with a baja kit and eline coil (paper work wasnt hard too) I put mabey 5k miles on it and found I'd rather ride my XR650L Go to CR500riders.com for conversion info..... Theres lots of info on that site. Did you buy that from a guy in Vacavilel (Frank)
  10. haha just ride it ........ asking how to make it bad ass is like tring to perfect your backstroke while snorkling in Maui ...... (you missed the point of it)
  11. Kyron

    Anyone make a new oil hose "A"? Xr600

    Find a local place that makes hydro hoses and take it to them ...... I bet they can make somthing.... how much is an OEM replacment ?
  12. Buy it new and trick it out before you put 1,000 miles on it so you can sell it for $4000 in 3yrs because it only has 3,000 miles on it just a thought
  13. Kyron

    Bent Shift Fork?

    Look at thefront sides of the tank ..... it will say who made it. Also look at Clarke and IMS website, they sell just the gasket and they have pict
  14. Kyron

    Front forks

    Could be something else too ...