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  1. ghost446

    How many from PGH area?

    Hey guys! Not to steal any thunder from Thumpertalk, but there is a good sized thread from Pittsburgh riders on KTMTalk. If you want to check it out, go to KTMTalk.com, hit the KTMtalk Regional Forums link (about 3/4's of the way down the page), then the Regional Areas link, then, lastly, the Region VIII - VA, WV, D.C., MD, DE, NJ, PA, Western NY forum. Look for the "Places to ride around Pittsburgh PA" thread. It's usually near the top of the forum. The thread is currently at 29 pages so you should be able to find someone to ride with!!
  2. ghost446

    Riding near Pittsburgh,PA

    I see that this is an old post but if by some chance, you guys are still looking for Pittsburgh riding areas, check ktmtalk.com. Look under the " KTMtalk Regional Forums ". Then under "Region VIII - VA, WV, D.C., MD, DE, NJ, PA, Western NY". There is great thread - "Places to ride around Pittsburgh PA" that will put you in touch with a TON of local Pittsburgh riders. Hope this helps!!!
  3. ghost446

    Looking for places around Pittsburgh, PA

    I ABSOLUTELY want to hook up with you guys!!! Me and my buddy just like to ride to have fun and we also love learning new stuff from the more experienced riders. Sounds like it would be a great time as well as a learning experience!! I'm all in! I'm originally from Port Vue, right above Mckeesport, so I'm very familiar with West Mifflin, South Park etc. Let me know when you guys are going, we're there! If you want, I'll pm you with my cell #. Let me know!
  4. ghost446

    Looking for places around Pittsburgh, PA

    I was thinking about hitting Finleyville this weekend if the weather holds out. I've never been there before but I wanted to check it out. Maybe I'll just not waste my time though if they're crap. What and where are "The Dumps?" You're not talking about Glassport dump are you?
  5. ghost446

    Middle aged fear!

    What an excellent thread! I say make it a sticky! I'm 38 and hadn't been on the dirt since I was 16. Just got back into riding in June of last year. I had been wanting a bike for ages and finally the wife gave me the go ahead,with the stipulation that if I get hurt pretty bad I have to sell it, so I go out and buy myself a 05 KTM 525 MXC. I spent the first three days in the parking lot at work just trying to get used to it. Let me tell you, I was terrified of that bike. (I bought a big 4t because I'm 6'4/312 w/o gear.) I almost sold it because I was so afraid of it. My neighbor finally talked me in to going on a trail ride with him. He has a quad and he said the trail was very easy. Let me tell you, I was literally shaking on my way into the woods. All I could think of is that I had to be at work in the morning and I was really afraid of the big bike plus my gross inexperience getting me in to big trouble. Once I hit the dirt though, I was doing ok. He kept trying to get me to do the hills and all the other stuff that I just wasn't ready for and I just said no, not today. I just took things at my pace and went around the stuff I was uncomfortable with. It paid off for me big time. Now I can ride the stuff that I went around before and I feel much more confident in my abilities. I still won't do the big jumps and stuff but I get her off the ground every now and then. You know what? I still have as much fun as the teenagers I watch flying 30 feet through the air and to me, that's all that matters. Much like a lot of folks in this thread, I can't afford to be laid up and off work and I think that the conservative way that I ride reflects that. To me, it's all about priorities. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love riding, next to, well, you know... it's my favorite thing to do. But, I like my house, marriage, job etc. just a teeny bit more. I say ride at a pace your comfortable with, continue to educate yourself through others experiences and great forums like this and you'll be getting faster before you know it! I know I did!
  6. ghost446

    06 525 EXC Vs 06 525 XC

    I have a 525 MXC and I never have had any problems in the slow, tight stuff. Then, I dropped in the Rekluse and now it's golden. I have a hard time understanding why people say the MXC isn't any good in the woods. I personally like the close ratio in the woods. I feel the 525 has enough power to do just about or climb anything to begin with. All I did was dropped to a 13 up front and kept the stock 48 in the rear and the bike is a babydoll. I love it! Plus, the top end is still beyond unbelievable.
  7. ghost446

    Hows the rukluse holding up?

    I got the Rekluse for $413, 10 tungsten balls for $48 and $130 to have it installed. I chose to let the dealer install it as they have installed a ton of them plus, that's a little above my current mechanical skills.
  8. ghost446

    Hows the rukluse holding up?

    I have one on my 05 525 MXC and it seems to be holding up just fine and man what a difference it makes! I absolutely love it. I started with 5 of the tungsten balls but I'm going to add another 5 so I get a little quicker engagement. I'm 6"4 and weigh like 317 with all my gear so it's definitely under a load!! I've heard it squeal 3 times but just for like 2-3 seconds other than that, it's running excellent. I've probably have around 150 miles on it so far. Get one, you'll love it, especially on the tight technical stuff and hills. For me, that's where it really shines.
  9. ghost446

    Tt Vs Ktt

    That's beautiful!! It should be mandatory to watch before you are granted membership!!
  10. I'm 6'4 and tip the scales at a svelte 312. I bought a 525 MXC and it's babydoll. I'm in love with thing. My buddy has an 05 450 EXC. I took it for a spin and I could definately feel the difference in torque. It's like someone told me in another post..."When you're hauling a load, there's no replacement for displacement.."
  11. ghost446

    Rekluse is installed and working great

    I just put one in my 525. That thing is fantastic isn't it??
  12. ghost446

    Looking for places around Pittsburgh, PA

    Thanks for jumping in and giving some input!! How do you get to the Finleyville trails if you were coming south on 51 from Pittsburgh??? Is there an easier way to get to them? It sounds like they're crap now but I'd still like to check them out.
  13. ghost446

    Looking for places around Pittsburgh, PA

    How is Marienville? I heard that it's pretty technical. That's the first I've heard of Brady's Bend. I'm gonna look into it. I ride with a guy who lives in Zelie and he said he hits some local trails in that area. I don't have many details about them as this will be the first time I've ridden up there with him. If we hook up this weekend, I'll drop you a line if you're up for it.
  14. ghost446

    Looking for places around Pittsburgh, PA

    C'MON.......PITTSBURGH, PA!!! There has to be more people in the area that wants to ride!! Let's get in on!!!! Jump in man!!!!!!!!! Let's hit Hatfield and McCoy, FINLEYVILLE, or something
  15. ghost446

    Looking for places around Pittsburgh, PA

    Where do you wanna meet??? I'm up for ridin' anywhere!! I had my suspension done up in Edenburg, by John Curea (the Supension Forum moderator here at Thumpertalk) and I saw some serious hills/trails on my way up there off of 60. You ever been on any of them? Let's hook up and get out there!!