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  1. Cool, Thanks. See ya next week.
  2. Hey, Dale What's up with the scoring system? You gave me a new number on the starting line and every time I went through the checkpoint it came up ??????. I asked them what was up when I was done and they said donn't worry we wrote it down manually. So I checked the website and it said DNF:bonk: I thougt I did pretty good for my first race. There was still a good bit of riders behind me when I got done. Oh and I think I'm in the wrong class I'm on a TE510 (501cc) and they put me in 200-500cc C class. I still had a great time though. #903
  3. 0042678

    turn signals ?

    Yeah they are L.E.D. lights. Thanks. I think I'll return them and get the regular ones.
  4. 0042678

    turn signals ?

    I bought new rear turn signals for my TE (Shock racing mini 5 for 23 watt system.) and they flash to fast. Is there something I can do to slow them down a resistor maybe? Thanks.
  5. 0042678

    Does it get any better than this?

    I could'nt agree more.
  6. 0042678

    Does it get any better than this?

    Your first pick is my screen saver now.
  7. 0042678

    07 Te510s Are here !!!

    If they are in PA they're not selling them yet. I'm still waiting for FBF to call me.
  8. 0042678

    Riding our Husky`s :)

    Cool! I like how he held it pined and gave it his best on that 2nd section.
  9. 0042678

    My 2006 TE510 dino

    Sweet and that's in 97 degree heat! I can't wait to get mine.
  10. 0042678

    2007 Huskys !!!

    OH Yeah red white/black TE510 right here. As my 2 year old nephew would say "I'M SO EXCITED!!!!"
  11. 0042678

    TE 510 or 450?

    Yeah, You think just like me. 510 for me, :thumbsup:Oh and dirt performance is much more important.
  12. 0042678

    Montrose,PA..anyone live....

    I live in Philly, but my uncle has a cabbin in the forest lake area that I visit every once in a while I'll PM you when I go up. When I go up will be ???????
  13. 0042678

    TE 510 or 450?

    I plan on getting an 07 TE and I'm not sure what to get. I'm coming off an 00 yz 426 and I plan on doing 50/50 dirt street. My riding will consist of mainly play riding in the woods, hittin a MX track here and there and hittin some back roads with my uncle and cousin on there Harley's and the ocasional commute to work on I95. I'm 6" tall 155 lbs. So far I'm leaning towards the 510.What do you guys think? P.S. I know I'm a little on the light side for a 510 in the dirt but keep the road in mind. Thanks: Bill
  14. Yeah, hold it wide open. you should be good if it's 120 +. As for the oil it can be normal if the packing is a little old, if your crank seals were bad the bike would probably rev to the moon.
  15. I like That garage it looks cool with that camo stuff, nice bike to.