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  1. The Wreck

    Build your own Supermoto rims?

    I'm not surprised, the last RM I owned came with Excel rims as OE. No Talon hubs though
  2. The Wreck

    How can I make my sm faster

    I never claimed to be above the occasional cheap-shot.
  3. The Wreck

    How can I make my sm faster

    I prefer FUGLY thankyouverymuch.
  4. The Wreck

    How can I make my sm faster

    Hey Burned, I have a suggestion for you since you're obviously so concerned with your looks: get off your fat ass and take a walk instead of sitting in front of your computer racking up posts on internet forums (20,000+ on this one alone!). No wonder you look like the comic book store clerk from The Simpsons...
  5. The Wreck

    How can I make my sm faster

    Dude, it was a joke, I WAS KIDDING. I even posted a pic of myself being a goofball and poked fun at myself. I'm sorry that I mistook you for someone having a sense of humor, I guess you're just one of those people who takes yourself oh-so-seriously. If I'd known you were so sensitive about being fat and ugly I never would have done it, my bad. Would you prefer I lie and say you're thin and handsome?
  6. The Wreck

    How can I make my sm faster

    I'm not on anything Burned, I never said they'd make "the same power", now you're making things up and putting words in my mouth. Now, given carbs of equal throat diameter then can make NEARLY AS MUCH POWER. That is not the same as saying they can make "the same power" which is the statement you have attributed to me. Why are being so defensive and making personal attacks against me? Are others here not allowed to voice their opinions without being ridiculed?
  7. The Wreck

    How can I make my sm faster

    No offence taken man, and I can understand your point. Burned is the tuning buddha on this board and that's fine, he's entitled to his opinions and I mine. Now I have worked closely with an individual who happens to be a well respected tuner that writes for a major magazine and much of what I've learned and come to understand I got from him. I know for a fact that CV's can produce nearly as much power as flatslides and provide better, more controllable trottle response. Al Luddington and Kevin Cameron agree with me and that's enough in my book bro
  8. The Wreck

    How can I make my sm faster

    From your pics I'd say that stroking is something you can probably do well in either direction. Besides, I didn't backstroke, I added another detraction to flatslide carbs. Point is, when set up for one particular set of conditions flatslide carbs CAN carburate well at part throttle, but if those conditions change (and they inevitably do) then you're right back to square one. It's old-school and outdated thinking to believe that you can only make good power with flatslides and I used to think that way too. Many CV carbs (not all, some are just poor designs, concentric BSA carbs anyone?) once properly jetted and tuned can make great power while providing better throttle response. This is something I've noted in my own experience and while working with Kevin Cameron. Granted my experience in tuning is primarily on street and roadrace machines but most of it still applies.
  9. The Wreck

    How can I make my sm faster

    That's just the way it iiiiis. (doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo) Flatslides don't carbuerate well at partial throttle. (doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo) That's just the way it iiiis...
  10. The Wreck

    How can I make my sm faster

    This is true, but do you want to have to re-jet your carb every time the temperature drops 10 degrees and the humidity drops 20 points? I suppose that if you ride in an environment where the temperature and humidity are more stable then it's probably less of an issue, but up here you can leave for a ride in the morning and it's 70 degrees with 10% humidity, by the time the sun has gone down it's 50 degrees, and in the meantime (say around 1pm) the temp hits 95 with 90% humidity. Those kinds of fluctuations play hell with a flatslide, and that's just the way it is.
  11. The Wreck

    How can I make my sm faster

    He's talking about an SM, what do you mean by OFF ROAD? Dude, I grew up racing dirtbikes and have owned my share of streetbikes with both flatslides and CV's. CV's carbuerate better at partial throttle and are better for every day riding than flatslides, that's just the way it is. In the last year of racing for the ZX7RR the Kawasaki factory team switched from the flatslides they had used for years and switched to a modified version of the CV carb bank that the showroom stock ZX7R had as OE. The reason being was for the smoother power curve provided and the top end power loss was negligible due to all of the tuning data they had experience available.
  12. The Wreck

    How can I make my sm faster

    I wouldn't swap the CV for a flatslide. You'll gain top end power at the expense of part-throttle response smoothness and overall rideability. Now, if you planned on racing it's different. Racebikes spend very little time at part throttle so the trade-off is acceptable. Pipe, re-jet and take it from there. Or you could just install a turbo and NAAAAAAAAAAWS(!!!!!)
  13. I actually considered Getting an XR650R and motarding it but I ride 35 miles back and forth to work every day so I needed something that was well sorted for the street. Either way i think you'll have a great bike once you're done doing what you want to do. But that said, get the DRZSM, might be kinda hard to find though as I've heard they're EXTREMELY rare...
  14. The Wreck

    Southern NH ride on Sunday anyone?

    I'm in the Derry, NH and I'm looking for some Supermoto riders to hit the twisties with on Sunday. Any interested parties? Drop me a line at jamie.mccarthy@comcast.net
  15. Stoppies? The SM by far. The SM has the RM forks and they're re-sprung and re-rated for street duty, they're nut mushy-plushy dirt forks and it makes for ridiculously easy stoppies. As for wheelies, well I haven't tried em yet but a few people on the board here have said that they're doable on a stock SM with some technique (body positioning, fork bounce, those kind of antics) but the addition of some breathing mods makes a big difference. If you consider going way too fast on bumpy roads or scraping things on offramps "squidding it up" then I couldn't think of a better dance partner save another well sorted Supermoto.