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  1. carolinadog

    tried to blow up my drz

    I was riding home like I always do after work. Coming up to a stop sign I down shifted. The back end of the bike started fish tailing all over the place, so I hit the brakes. That was the wrong thing to do because then I started sliding and didn't stop until I was through the stop sign and almost into the culvert on the other side. I thought this was odd but kept riding home. Almost home the engine just cut off at 40mph. I hit the start button and it came back on. When I got off the bike in the driveway I looked at the tire and it was covered in oil, as well as most of the rear end of the bike. The oil drain bolt on the bottom of the motor fell out! I haven't put the new bolt in and tried to start yet, I hope I didn't destroy the bike. I think I left out the washer after an oil change, not sure.
  2. kawasaki super sherpa 250. Buy one used. They are very reliable, low to the ground, controlable, and street legal. They also hold there value well.
  3. carolinadog

    200exc or wr450f?

    The 200 can do anything, but a four stroke does put better traction down in the mud. There are other bikes that are lighter than the WR though. A 400 sounds like the perfect bike for you. If your riding in first and second gear most of the time, not high in the revs the WR will be very reliable.
  4. carolinadog

    200exc or wr450f?

    I'm not sure how much 17 stone is, but I weigh 200 pounds without gear and ride a 200 xc-w. It's basically the same as an exc. It's an incredible bike that makes every mile a blast. It is very light and easy to handle in the tight stuff. I traded with my buddy last weekend who rides a yz450. It was very fun to ride as well. It all depends on what type of riding style you have. They would both be good bikes. The maintenance on the 200 would be a lot less than the 450 though.
  5. carolinadog

    How Much Abuse Can A Drz Take????

    My DRZ-S was the first dirt bike I rode. I learned to ride trails here in North Carolina on it. I would crash at least 10 times every time out. Also ride it to work about every day during the good weather months.(below 30 degrees starts getting tough, not to mention the snow and ice) I've had no problems with it so far 8000 miles since June 05. I change the oil and clean the air filter often, but thats about it. I can't believe the abuse this bike has taken, and still never lets me down.
  6. carolinadog

    DRZ400S starting

    you don't want to give it any gas before you try and start it. It will make it harder to start. I usually have to choke mine, if I do it will start the first push of the button.
  7. carolinadog

    What to do what to do.....

    hatfield mccoy is open during the week. The trails are fun and you can put in some good mileage. Although your first option sounded pretty fun too.
  8. carolinadog

    91 yz250 wheels

    A friend of mine just gave me his 91 yz250. The spokes are shot, and the front forks need some work but other than that it runs strong(faster than my 06 200xc-w). What I was wondering is, should I just by new spokes or go ahead and get new rims. If I get new rims will other model years fit? Don't know much about the bike, and haven't located any used rims for sale. Thanks for the help in advance.
  9. carolinadog

    suspension tuner in NC

    Thanks for the info guys. I'll talk to both of them.
  10. carolinadog

    suspension tuner in NC

    anyone know a good suspension tuner near Boone, NC. thanks
  11. carolinadog

    anyone want to ride

    You guys don't want me going out by myself and getting hurt do you?
  12. carolinadog

    anyone want to ride

    coming to georgia next week for a family camp out. We are staying at Red Top Mtn. state park. Be there Wed. the 2nd through Monday, wondering if anyone wanted to ride. Maybe in Lafayette or somthing.
  13. carolinadog

    Brown Mtn. 7/16

    I'ld like to ride with you guys. I'll look for your trucks. I'll be the guy with turn signals, and my buddy rides a YZ450. We'll be in a blue Toyota. See you there.
  14. carolinadog


    Does anyone ride at caliente in Mountain City, TN? Never see it mentioned. There is some good hill climbs there. It's located just outside Mountain City on 91, and costs 11$ a day to ride. You get a map drawn in crayon that will get you around a small part of the place. There is a network of unmarked trails though thats much bigger. A gps would be nice. Its worth checking out.
  15. carolinadog

    Any NC riders going to Brown Mtn this weekend?

    what day are you going, I'm there all the time. I rode every trail this past monday, 3 was tough.