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  1. fst450

    2009 ktm 250 sx

    Will a 2013 KTM 250sx motor work in a 2009 250sx frame?
  2. fst450

    2009 ktm 250 sx

    Hate that this is my first post but I have a rolling chassis and Im looking for a motor and I'm not having any luck.Hopefully somebody can help me out. Love the site,thanks in advance.
  3. fst450

    loosing radiator fluid?

    Im having the same trouble with my 09, I'm having to fill it after every moto. I also run engine ice. didn't really want to spend another 170 dollars but if it cures this i will.
  4. fst450

    Best Grip Glue (no more wire tie)

    Pro taper glue dries in 30 seconds, kevlar grips been on 30 plus hours still no rotation
  5. fst450

    New Bike, New Problem?

    Chain guide and umm rear fender bolt fell out.
  6. fst450

    Chain guide

    Material is just too soft and thin. Bpr guide on the way looks trick.
  7. fst450

    Chain guide

    Second chain guide went bye bye already, probably 10 hrs on this one. This sucks. Waiting on the tm design anybody here how much longer?
  8. fst450

    New PC Ti-4R and Ezno Suspension w/pics

    How far did you take the suspension? revalve and springs?
  9. fst450

    Chain guide

    Yeah thats were my wore through walent, I have a 51 tooth on mine and a did on.
  10. fst450

    Last four digits of your VIN#?

    0879 here!
  11. fst450

    Chain guide

    13 .1 hours and mines already gone. also lost a rear fender bolt, the ones underneath. other than that this thing is rock solid. Thanks
  12. fst450

    Chain guide

    Can anyone tell me if the 08 will fit on the 09? Thanks
  13. fst450

    Kawasaki wins another shootout

    January issue of motocross action.
  14. fst450

    09 KX450 - HappyCamper's First Impression

    Great write up. Im caught in between buying a Zook for 6 grand and adding some hp's with the extra money, or buying the Kawi for 7250 plus tax. After reading this I think I will stay green. Gonna be comming off an 07.
  15. fst450

    07 Pro Circuit linkage arm