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  1. Anyone know where to download either an owners manual or service manual for this bike? Thanks.
  2. My 05 has 21,000. Mostly off-road. Only the stator has failed at 13,000. Change oil every 2000.
  3. 21,000
  4. My 05 400-s gets up to 70 MPG highway with 14-47 cruising at about 55. Singletrack can drop it into the 40's. Sand dunes into the low 20's. 21,000 on the ticker.
  5. While the 50's seem most popular for pibikes Has anyone heard of beefing up a Honda CRF70,80 or 100? I want to get or build a pitbike but at 6'2" and 250 I think starting with a bigger bike would be good. Also I like the idea of a manual clutch like the 80 and 100 have. Don't have much interest in the China bikes. Any ideas?
  6. Mostly things like valve adjustments, jetting, and any unexpected major repair. I do not tend to do any mods other than the ones I can do myself. I am mostly looking for a shop that I can trust to do what they say they will instead of the B.S. I just got from Grand Prix tonight.
  7. After having an unpleasant service experience at Fay Myers and two at Grand Prix Motorsports, where do you recommend getting service work done. I tend to do scheduled maintenance and minor repairs myself, but I am looking for a reliable shop for the more advanced stuff.
  8. Does anybody want to sell me a 2002 DRZ400-S rear wheel? I am looking to have a road wheel with the stock 44 sprocket and an off road wheel with my 47. Also each will have different tires for street/dirt.
  9. Just got the girlfriend a 04 XT225, its a good starter bike for her but it runs like crap at 11,000 feet. Any ideas for how to jet it for high altitude? It will be ridden from 5,000-14,000 feet. I know there is not a single jet to cover all of this perfectly, but what would be a good compromise?
  10. Just got the girlfriend a 04 XT225, its a good starter bike for her but it runs like crap at 11,000 feet. Any ideas for how to jet it for high altitude? Maybe 7000-8000 feet.
  11. Ive ridden all the trails in Moab, they are all worth doing. Moab rim and pritchet canyon are the toughest. White rim is easy and extremely scenic, my favorite. The slickrock trail is always fun, so is hells revenge and fins and things. All three of those are doable in a half day. Kane creek is a nice long and moderate ride in a canyon, you can take the highway back to save time if street legal. Hope that helps.
  12. Does anybody know if this dual sport is a good bike? I am looking for a dual sport for the girlfriend.
  13. Does the 225 have a backup kick starter?
  14. Good to hear that is a good bike. Does anybody know if it has a backup kick starter?
  15. I have a 02 400S. Love it. Looking for a dual sport for the girlfriend, something 200-250 size. Needs to have a low seat and not weigh too much. She rode a 95 Honda XR200 and loved it, problem is it was not even close to street legal. What would you recommend for a good solution both for already street legal or converting a dirtbike? I have looked at the DR200SE but it only has five gears. The Kawasaki KLR250 has six but is heavy for a 250. How about the Yamaha XT225?