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  1. Max, you know I keep seeing Jialing 125's on ebay and PM for around $300.00 and I think, what the hell I cant ride it the way it is I may as well just get a new motor. Then I start thinking....I already have a NEW motor!!! If I can get away with opening that little sucker up and replacing the drum and fork for less than $100.00 plus a few hours I'd be very happy
  2. Have you had a chance to try the new drum and forks? Just wondering if its worth the effort for me to do the same.
  3. Are you going to try a new shift drum? Keep us posted how that works out.
  4. Thanks, you just saved me the hassle of doing it myself. I'm just gonna ride the damn thing like it is and when it finally quits I'll buy a KLX.
  5. I did talk to Pitster about it and they told me to try the detent spring, at that point I was fed up with whole thing and just let it sit. I already had the bike for a couple of months before I ever even rode it because the front hub/disc was warped. SGR sent me a new rotor and it still wouldnt line up, so I ended up drilling out and rethreading the hub so the rotor would work, that whole ordeal took almost two months. I'm not really too upset about the whole thing anymore, I just want to ride the stupid thing. I should try to find another engine and forget fixing the one thats in it, but if I can get it working fairly consistantly(cheap) I would be happy.
  6. ok, let's bring this topic back from the dead. I have an x4 with the 4u gpx motor that I bought new back in July 07, it literally has about 30 minutes on it because of the missed 2nd gear downshifts. Is there a fix for this or did I just waste $1500+ on a pitbike that is just sitting in my garage brand new with an inch of dust on it? Does the trx90 spring fix it, does anyone have step by step directions on how install the new spring? Hell, I'm half tempted to just yank the 107 zonger out if my 110a1 so I can ride my x4! The pitster does look really cool sitting on the stand in the corner of my garage, I've looked at it everyday for the last 10 months.
  7. Not yet, I havent had time to do anything lately. I have the detent springs from a trx90 but havent had a chance to put em in yet. Plus I'm not real sure how to do it anyway there is a star nut on the oil sling and clutch and I have no idea how i'm going to get those off.
  8. Is there anyhing else I need? Just the 4 prong socket from Honda.
  9. No I dont. Is it something I can pick up at Sears or do I need to special order it?
  10. I'm trying to fix a false neutral on my new GPX but I'm not sure how to remove the clutch/sling to get to the detent spring. Can anyone help?
  11. I'll post up pics tomorrow, when I had the clutch cover off and shifted through the gears it would only go up to 2nd...Hmmm
  12. Well I'm still having problems with my "new" X4:mad: When I am down shifting it ALWAYS skips 2nd gear and goes into neutral and if I shift down one more time it will go into first, it does not do it intermitantly it does it everytime. What can I do to fix this, the bike literaly has about 15-20 minutes on it and I've changed the oil 3 times now and checked the shift star(it's tight) and the detent spring(it's still there). Every few times when I down shift it will make a grinding sound and go into 1st from 3rd, I have no idea what to do next. Anyone have an idea where to go from here?
  13. So with the carb upside down the weight of the float should cause the plunger to be pushed all the way in?
  14. I have a new Pitster X4 that is leaking gas out of the carb, drain on the bottom of the bowl. I've taken it apart 3 times and the float seems to be working fine(I'm not real familiar with the internal workings of a carb so here is where I get technical). I have removed the pin holding the float in and removed the little plunger looking thing with the spring on the end and they all slide in and out just fine, after I put it back together and turn the gas on and the bowl fills it pours out. Can someone give me any other ideas what to look for? I've got plenty of time to get it working since I'm still waiting on Pitster to send me a new front wheel, I have yet to ride it and I have had for over a month, they do stand behind their product though.
  15. Congrats on your new motor too bad you can only ride it around your neighborhood w/o that nice Ohio shaped sticker on the fender. I have an A1 as well as an X4 and although the quality of the A1 is not up to the Pitser my SSR has been a pretty solid little bike for under $800.00. BTW when your camera guy had you in the view finder you were about 50 feet infront of him, when the camera panned back up after the 55mph speed run you were only about 15-20 feet ahead of him. I'm guessing you were topped out "around" 50mph and he was going 55 to catch you.. not bustin your chops or anything just putting it out there before one of the Chinese haters chimes in..