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  1. Does any one no how fast a ttr 125 L tops out at??? WRITE BACK ERGENT!!! HAYLEY
  2. DOES ANY ONE HERE selling a Pipe.. or no of a cheaper one I can Get??? HAYLEY
  3. A Blaster is a great quad... The problem is too expensive for after market parts a kid a no spend 3 grand on it and he blew it up and spent another 3 grand fixin it... Even though their kick shit fast... good quad to invest in
  4. You don't know shit and I can prove it too you like nothin..
  5. damn I wish they didn't bottom out huh?
  6. I'm a bigginer and I got bout 3 to 5 height on my 03 ttr 125 L.... I top out sometimes but suspension is the best bigger jumps i thiink I could get about 7 feet
  7. Somebody tell me why most ttr 125 L riders are all wifes?? what the hell there not wussy bikes there the greatest!
  8. I just got my ttr 125 l P.S 03' And I freakin love it theres no better play bike... It was playbike of the year... I was wonderin I'm only 14 female rider and I was wonderin what kinda pipe i could get... CHeAP price though I looked in dennis kirk and only found a T4... So confused .... GO TTR