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  1. laramieLC4-640

    990 oil change, pic of oil screen

    did you pull the screen the first 3 changes? if not i would not worry. i also second the CPR snap out and filter. worth the money. you can build a re-mapping cable for under $30. do a search at advrider, i made a post with everything you need. as for speeding up oil changes, get the "hose" mod. you can either pay $80 for one or build it yourself for $35. i got all my parts at the local hotrod shop. good luck, laramie
  2. laramieLC4-640

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    looking for a code. will post one back up as soon as i get my order confirm. thanks, laramie
  3. laramieLC4-640

    '05 WR450f Valves...??

    that's the one that has me worried.... thanks for the info. laramie
  4. laramieLC4-640

    '05 WR450f Valves...??

    that's what im talking about. it would not surprise me one bit if this bike went another 20,000 miles. this thing has been a tank. the only issues it's ever had have been self-created. i've replaced the starter, piston, and rings. the piston and rings just because i felt it was time, not because it needed them. laramie
  5. laramieLC4-640

    '05 WR450f Valves...??

    Ok, i suppose i should have asked my question a little differently.... i dont want an "opinion" on whether or not you think its time to do the valves. what i wanted were NUMBERS. something like this....." manual states a 0.015mm shim total." (which it does). that's what i need, not "gee man, i would totally do...." so, the new tires i just put on have been taken back off, and the bike has been put in the corner to await further inspection/rebuild. although i haven't technically reached the total shim value, i agree that its time to dig deeper. this has been a very good bike and i have ridden the shit out of it. just wish i had more money. thank god i got more than one bike. thanks, laramie
  6. laramieLC4-640

    '05 WR450f Valves...??

    based upon ???
  7. laramieLC4-640

    Seat for a '03 sxc 625

    couple things..... 1) the LC4 line NEVER came with a 4.5 G anything. it was either a 9L, 18L, or the adventures 28L. 2) im going to assume you have the 18L, which is NOT stock for a 625sxc 3) assuming the above mentioned tank is correct, then you need the "comfort" seat Part Number: 58407140500 Description: SEAT ORANGE/BLACK 18LITER 2000 Retail: $131.96 or you can start trolling ebay and find it for cheaper. in case your interested, HERE is a link to all the colors, shapes, and sizes of plastics that can fit your bike. laters, laramie
  8. laramieLC4-640

    '05 WR450f Valves...??

    what are you guys getting out of your valves? how long between servicing intervals? have you ever had to re-build your head due to wear? my bike is easily pushing 20,000 miles, and im kinda wondering when its gonna happen? initial valve shim from the factory on the intakes was a 186. i just adjusted the valves for the 3rd time and installed a 175 shim. so that's just over 1/10th of a MM. how much more do i got? curious to here what everyone else has. maybe im just being paranoid??? thanks, laramie
  9. laramieLC4-640

    KTM 640 Adventure Performance

    it aint cheap, but if you want the LC4 Bling, there's no better place than here.... Shnieder Power-Shop laramie
  10. laramieLC4-640

    my 'white' ktm 640 supermoto

    that is sweet!! i have a non-orange ktm as well and kinda like it. make you stand out a bit more... laramie
  11. Part Number: 50311050100 Description: BRAKE LIGHT SWITCH FRONT 2002 Retail: $66.60 if i was you though, id buy a hydraulic switch from baja designs, then just wire it directly into the 2 wires that you have in the harness. no more switch problems.... laramie
  12. laramieLC4-640

    01 LC4 battery wont hold charge

    you dropped a cell in the battery and no matter how much you charge it, it wont keep. you need to replace the battery. laramie
  13. laramieLC4-640

    Replacing speedometer backlight lamp ('01 LC4)

    1- you can find a replacement bulb at any auto parts store, cheap. 2- no need to remove speedo, just pull off the front mask and you can reach up and pull out the rubber piece, replace the bulb, and then put it back in. laramie
  14. laramieLC4-640

    LC4 Exhaust Deal

    let me guess....it's a Big Gun system ??? if so, you should have saved your money. not only are the obnoxiously loud, the have a bad habit of falling to pieces. usually at the least opportune time... laramie
  15. laramieLC4-640

    wheel swap, YZ to WR

    thanks guys, looks like i will be ordering a set of those along with some new wave rotors. i know all my buddy's are gonna give me crap about the "bling" factor but what the hell. they look like nice wheels and i can get a KILLER deal for the set. as for the stock excel's, i replaced them about 2 years ago with another "aftermarket" company which i wont name. needles to say i wish i had spent the money back then and gotten some real wheels..... laters, laramie