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  1. Hey all, slightly off topic but I'm going to be relocating to the area and hoping there's a fellow rider looking for a roommate! Need a place to keep my bike, tools, etc. and it's super hard finding a reasonably priced place to rent with a garage. 25 y/o male, engineer, active, responsible etc. Please send me a message if you have a room or anything for rent. Thanks!
  2. Don't overthink it, just get your butt in the gym! I start out with some moderate cardio (run a mile), then stretch out. Rowing machine, core/ab exercises (google), low weight/high reps on the machines and dumbbells. Try some circuit routines: 20 pushups, 20 jump and jacks, 20 ab reps, 20 mountain climbers etc. without a break in between...you'll be working up a sweat in no time. Rotate exercises daily so you're not working a group too hard 2 days in a row.
  3. So true! I was to a point where I felt like I platau'd (sp?) and then realized my technique and form were way off. I try to constantly keep a few different topics on my mind while I ride: -Grip bike with legs -Breathe -Look ahead in corners -When accelerating down a straight get your ass as far back as possible
  4. This! I've owned an 03 2.5RS, 04 WRX, and currently an 07 Sti. The AWD on these cars is downright awesome!
  5. Ran smoothly from what I remember. Last season was my first season racing in a while so I'm still trying to get things figured out as well. Take what I've said with a grain of salt...just pick a track you like and go for it, each series has its pros and cons. I actually remember getting like 3 $10 rocky mountain gift cards throughout the summer from MAMA so that was nice! I believe MAMA and MDRA both have a $5 daily member card as well if you don't want to shell out the money and commit to the full series.
  6. I gave a few MAMA races a shot last year after hearing good things in the past but wasn't impressed. I liked the transponder aspect (bought one and 2 yr subscription for $120ish so i didn't have to deal with renting one each race), was cool to check out lap times/charts etc. The schedule is different than most series' being that they run motos on saturday as well. If you just want to practice and aren't running any of the motos it's a LOT of sitting around. I swear every sunday, 45+ minutes is wasted hearing "We need X more flaggers before we can get started", got really annoying... I had good luck with MDRA and Mainline, check those out! If you're not dead set on following a particular series, just pick some tracks you like and go when there's a race.
  7. I usually take a generic multi-vitamin and vitamin C on a daily basis as well as a whey protein shake with 50/50 water/2% milk after each workout. About 2 months ago I got back into a solid gym routine and have been eating clean. Lots of greens, chicken, eggs, etc. Yes, bacon gets the best of me occasionally In the two months though, I've made amazing progress. Looking forward to continuing and actually being in shape at the beginning of the race season this yr!
  8. Toy haulers are nice because they have a dedicated bike/shop area and a fold down ramp to easily unload. When I still lived at home my parents and I would take our traditional camping trailer, and put my bike in the back of the truck. A little more annoying to unload because you have to unhitch the trailer first but was never too big of a deal. If you have multiple bikes and a lot of gear, I can see a toy hauler being preferable, but if you're fine with throwing everything in the back of the pick up, then like you said you'll be saving some dough!
  9. I'm working on setting mine now but at .007" my stator is maxed out ccw and still wont line up with the magneto arrow. Any advice? Using a wiseco crank, not sure if that changes things or not. Edit: I was lining up the mark on the stator with the arrow on the flywheel, didnt even see the tick mark! Assuming i should be using the tick on the flywheel?
  10. Races!? I don't see anything about that on their website. I also just made a facebook group, "Northeast Motocross Rideshare" feel free to add yourself, figure it would be a good way to find riding buddies for long winter trips.
  11. Worst case, and if I don't have a riding buddy from my area, we could meet in breezewood maybe. Although I was thinking of trying to go south to Elizabeth City next weekend. Keep in touch!
  12. Thanks! Looks like this weekend's out for me with a 3.5 hr drive and the snow coming. Hopefully I'll get up there soon!
  13. Anybody been there yet this winter? How are things looking? I went last winter and had a good time, was maybe thinking of heading up this weekend if i can get my bike back together!
  14. Awesome! I'm always amazed at the compliments I get when I show up to the track with my "rig", it's great!
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