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  1. Tod, Is this something you have tabs on? Below is an action alert from another group on the subject. Jim +++++++++++++++++++++++ Washington Recreation & Park Association *Press Release* [image: > wrpa] > *Dear Jody,* > > WRPA members please act now! > > *We are asking you respectfully contact your legislator with the following > message. Feel free to tailor it for sending to your Senators and > Represenatatives with how this would impact you locally.* > > The 2010 Supplemental Operating Budget (SSB 6444) developed by the Senate > contains a provision in Section 308(32) that would force the merger of > Washington State Parks and the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and their > respective Commissions, into the Department of Natural Resources. > > SSB 6444 is expected to pass out of the Senate Ways & Means Committee today > and could be considered on the Senate Floor as early as Saturday. > While we understand the significant financial challenges confronting the > state, and the desire to achieve operational efficiencies, we would > respectfully ask that this budget provision be removed or modified > significantly. > > > The Section 308(32) language is an outgrowth of Senate Bill 6813, which > received a Senate hearing but did not advance. At the hearing, the > proponents of this legislation spoke about achieving operational and > administrative efficiencies between the natural resource agencies - which > makes sense and can be done NOW, without a consolidation or merger of any > kind. > The budget provision also would force the joining of agencies that in some > cases, have differing statutory missions and roles. Washington State Parks > manages a number of urban recreation facilities and also has a > recently-adopted license fee program enacted by the Legislature to keep > State Parks open to the public. > > Simply merging these functions into an agency (DNR) that has never had to > manage them, and has little understanding of them, presents significant > policy problems and could well result in these efforts being subsumed by > other priorities that the DNR is more familiar with. > Additionally, the budget provision in Section 308(32) calls for three > agencies to develop a plan, by July 1, to implement a full consolidation. > Expecting such a plan within four months, from three state natural resource > agencies, is unrealistic - something even the DNR emphasized in its > testimony on SB 6813. Further, promised 'savings' from this provision, > particularly in the current biennium, may very well not materialize. > At a time when the economy is hurting and more and more people are taking > advantage of their local, regional, and state parks as a recreational > outlet, we are concerned that it would be a mistake to merge Washington > State Parks into another agency. > > > We, again, would respectfully request that this provision either be removed > entirely, or significantly rewritten to direct the three natural resource > agencies to achieve operational efficiencies and administrative cost > reductions to the maximum extent practicable - something they already are > under way in pursuing as a result of an Executive Order by Governor > Christine Gregoire. >
  2. mtber

    Goldmark proposes new access fees

    How often does the full House make major changes before passing a bill. If a couple Reps make enough noise does the committee go back and add in the NOVA recommendation (which was technically not to restore the stolen funding, but to increase the percentage of gas tax devoted to NOVA)? I only ask because do I want my letter to my Reps to say "oppose this bill unless we get NOVA back" or "while these steps may provide moderate levels of future funds, the DNR needs short-term funding immediately, so please implement Option #4 restoring NOVA funding." Jim
  3. mtber

    Goldmark proposes new access fees

    So after reading the Sustainable Recreation Working Group report, and the passed House Bill, I see that the legislators adopted the first three recommendations of the SRWG regarding Funding, and ignored the fourth, which was to restore NOVA funding and put in place protections so that it cannot be diverted in the future. The adopted recommendations do not seem to have any hope of generating significant revenue in the short term. That leaves DNR with no funding to carry out the plans that are forming up for getting Reiter opened up again. Keep after that lawsuit.... Jim
  4. Fairly new DR650 rider looking for advice/riding partners for a long weekend ride/camp over the 4th. Figure to go eastern WA trying to find some dirt to ride on. I have a month to learn how to ride this bike before I follow my brother from Flagstaff to Seattle during August. Lil' help here? Jim