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  1. I humbly bow in your presence O Master Eddi-Wan Kenobi. I bought a new needle set and installed the nozzle only. it cured my problem and as an added bonus there's more power all through the range. thanks again Eddie. You truly know your stuff!!!!
  2. ok, thanks ,I did see some wear on the needle (scuffs) so I should probably replace it at the same time. Basically the condition is too rich...right?
  3. needle clip to 2nd from leanest with washer under clip,160dj,50 pilot oem, 2 turns air. at 2200ft altitude. The top of the airbox is removed completely This setup has been unchanged and worked well for a long time
  4. I have a problem suddenly appear after lots of trouble free miles with no changes in setup. The throttle signs off when under load at highspeed in high gear 4/5th (when trying to pass on highway). But when you back off to half throttle (take off the load) it comes back. There is absolutely no problems at lower speeds and gears at any throttle setting. adding choke makes no difference. This has stock cv carb btw. The bike is an xr650L with a dyno jet kit, twin air filter, hot cam stage one and oem exhaust. it has high mileage and has worked well with this setup for the last 40,000km. I'm looking for a place to start with the diagnosis. I've cleaned the carb, changed spark plug, fuel system has no restrictions. It almost seems like fuel starvation to me but I can't find any problem.....HELP!! edit: Btw the valves are adjusted to hot cam specs, it has a fresh topend 1st o/s piston including a new head and valves about 5000km ago- compression is good 110psi
  5. scooter1100

    Call me an idiot but what happened

    It sounds like mine:crazy: , it dropped a valve seat once (made a clattering suddenly) then went away at 30,ooo km. It came back at about 40,ooo km and couldn't be adjusted out in a valve adjust and when I took it apart, one exhaust seat had dropped about a width of a dime out of the head and the other one was spinning. I had them reinstalled (new head is $600)and staked in place and then one finally broke into 3 pcs at about 50,ooo km . Therefore had to purchase a new head in the end. If you search the internet, you'll find it's fairly common with the radial valve heads. I believe a disconnected air (smog) pump also contributed since the cool air is pumped into the exhaust side of the head and has to do some cooling... ....I'd catch it now before it drops a seat bigtime, if it jams a valve open and you get a bent rod, it'll be a big boat anchor... I got lucky with mine:thumbsup:
  6. scooter1100

    UGH UGH New motor is hammering after 300 miles.

    I had a valve seat drop in mine ...there was an intermittant clacking now and then all of a sudden one valve had so much clearance it couldn't be adjusted out. I think disconnecting the air pump (smog blockoff) overheated the exhaust valve seats. I haven't had any problems since I hooked it back up and replaced the head, etc etc...lol.....
  7. how can they be the same? xr 600 has 36 spokes on the front and 650L has 32...now the rear look identical...........
  8. scooter1100

    XR650L Talon Hub & EBC disk ???

    brake disc is different diameter and different no. of spokes on the rim as well. alot of items for the front wheel are interswappable but here are some critical differences.. I know because I needed a new fr disc fo my 650L and looked into it carefully.
  9. scooter1100

    Welding crack in frame (XR600)

    My 650L broke right at the same area, but it snapped the side stand right off taking the peice of frame tube with it. I got a welder friend to mig it up and a little thicker as well. I haven't had a problem since but I did come to the realization that the tubing is as thin as possible .... .....
  10. scooter1100

    Anyone wanna ride dualsport in Alberta?

    If you want a really good dual sport ride, do the iron horse trail. starts at waskatenau (just on the other side of fort sask from edmonton) then y's in the middle and you can go to cold lake or heinsburg.BTW watch for equestrians and no loud pipes. There's biffy's and firepits every 20 miles or so, but don't abuse the trail or you'll fxxxx it up for everyone. www.ironhorsetrail.ca
  11. scooter1100

    Used XR650L

    half of new is a deal, they are all basically the same from 1993-2007 so older is ok, it's mileage and abuse that matters
  12. scooter1100

    Where is my master link? XR650L

    BTW street bikes all have endless chains now for safety reasons (oem). You just need to read the make and style off the side plates and take the info to a dealer. He can supply a master link in rivet or clip style.
  13. scooter1100

    xr650L problems-pics of damage

    the dirt is because the head is porous around the spark plug hole. When I was cleaning mine after a exhaust valve seat broke apart, my old head and the new one both had the same hole.. it ends at the gasket so it just makes a mess when the gasket is disturbed, it's not what caused the scoring because it is sealed by the gasket. imo looks like you ran it out of oil or maybe a hole in the airfilter for debris to get through did it
  14. I have a 510-18 on mine in these pictures and I'm installing a 140/80-18 soon http://www.bikepics.com/pictures/206396/
  15. http://www.bikepics.com/pictures/625902/