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  1. bayoubikebruiser

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    I'd run a new circlip and a few loops of safetywire around the notch in the shaft before I put the shift lever back on. At least go get a new circlip and make sure it is fully seated. Then worry about where to ride.
  2. bayoubikebruiser

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Rewired Fang's regulator and power to the CDI. Rewired rats-nest of turnsignal wiring from all those different looks years ago... Finished light sanding all bodywork for repaint. Put the valvecover back on from checking chain/valves. Good to be back wrenching this bike.
  3. bayoubikebruiser

    Its been awhile since i built myself a drz........

    I get 6 1/8" on my 2K5 SM flange to flange mounted on the bike.
  4. bayoubikebruiser

    Help a newbie...

    That's getting up there, but shouldn't be a total deal-breaker if it's a good looking scoot. Check all the normal maintenance areas...they speak volumes of the condition the bike was run under for all those miles. Is the chain new or very well cared for? Sprockets tell the story if the chain is new. Do the fasteners look like they've been in-and-out over time? Is there a manual camchain tensioner or still the stock hydraulic? Alot of aftermarket bling over stock drivetrain? Could be squid-bashed. Ugly bike with sweet mechanicals and maintenance records/receipts? That's a better deal. I'm resurrecting a 24K-miler right now, myself. Not the prettiest, but I know the maintenance was good before "the event". I know this, 'cause I've owned Fang from new and recommend DRZ400SM's whole heartedly.
  5. bayoubikebruiser

    DRZ400S Seat Angle

    Once set your sag, Drop the forks in the clamps some to lower the front end. You pick up noticeable handling sensitivity, too.
  6. bayoubikebruiser

    motocross sayings

    Off topic: Ya gotta love this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQDZsC2kLaI Back on topic: Skin't back and checked out! Oh, and homage to all the "pit tootsies" out there!
  7. bayoubikebruiser

    Thanx Tt Store!!!

    UPDATE: 2 months and over 3K miles on the Moose stator. Smooth sailing and smiles and 14.6V at idle ("w/"free power" mod). Thanx again, TT store!
  8. bayoubikebruiser

    So...Fang's "human".

    UPDATE: After running Fang into the ground wall charging him for forever, the Moose stator from Thumpertalk now has over 2 months and 3K trouble-free miles on it with zero complaints. Fires up super-fast and gives me 14.6V at idle with the "free power" mod done when the Moose went in. Hats off to the TT store for getting it to me in a couple of days at a great price!
  9. bayoubikebruiser

    Battery tender/ heated clothing pigtails?

    Just a thought: Trailer light connectors have the little flap dealie on them for the bike side as a weather-resistant plus. Use the other terminal on your "jumper cables" or battery charger. Whaddahya think?
  10. bayoubikebruiser

    Fang Lives!!!!

    Fang's nip-and-tucks are well documented on this site and SuperMotoJunkie.com. I've been out of the motard scene since Fang stopped wall charging (totally killed the battery) and I picked up a '76 Goldwing and bobbered it. Now I have 2 abnormal "what the heck is that" bikes and can get back to riding with the www.dualsportridersoflouisiana.com crowd! Finally some local motard action on the street (of course every law enforcement professional should understand that my law-abiding @$$ is just kidding) and at No Problem Raceway in Donaldsonville!
  11. bayoubikebruiser

    Fang Lives!!!!

    You wouldn't like me... I'm a freak with a sawzall and a spray can!
  12. bayoubikebruiser

    Fang Lives!!!!

    Fang's original stator was completely TOASTED! I count 5 charred windings and another 2 that looked partially discolored. I ran this stator into the freakin' ground! I broke the camera phone and am between phones right now and didn't wait for the new phone to do this job since the parts were in and the Cub Scouts actually left me with some free time this morning. Anyhow, I printed the writeups from TT, I did the r&r mucho pronto, took the time to do the locktite and the "Free Power" mod and stuck a new battery in the airbox. Fang starts like he's embarrassed to have been caught not running and I get 14.4V at the terminals at idle. Freakin' fan-(expletive)-tastic! I will say that the little Japanese guy that put this bike together in the factory has his Zen thing going on to be doing so many starter gear cluster installs in one day. That sucker took some oogieing and some creative swearing, some backing off and regrouping, some denial, some acceptance and some going-to-a-happy-place in my head. The final few microdoinks were walked in with the wrench. Was worried that it'd bind 'cause it felt so tight, but that puppy sings like Frankie Vallie before 389cc of Louis Armstrong takes over. It IS a wonderful world, now, Louis! Kudos to TT for the writeups on this job (was the locktite stator/clutch writeup as well as the Free Power mod writeup) and to Brian and the folks at the TT store for superior products shipped via insta-send at great prices!!! Fang Lives!!!!
  13. bayoubikebruiser

    Same Staor And Rr In E And S????

    Get the Moose 200W stator from the TT store! $142 to my door after shipping and BRAND NEW! Only took TT 6 days from the point of order and 2 of those were the weekend! Suh-WEET!
  14. bayoubikebruiser

    Thanx Tt Store!!!

    Six measly days from order to mailbox! And 2 of those were Sat and Sun! Thanx, TT store! You saved me almost 50% from the stealership and I've heard nothing but good things about the Moose OEM replacement stators from users on this board. Time to get busy putting it in! Now.... where did I put that hammer...?
  15. bayoubikebruiser

    DRZ 400sm 2005

    .....and make sure the vaccuum line from the petcock to the carb is hooked up if it won't start at all. That's a CV carb, that Mikuni. Good luck!