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  1. Porject time. Chet and Cliff Volkswagon is packing up 2 possibly 3 old XR 100 Hondas that my neighbor left when he moved. I know there's one complete frame, 3 engines and boxes of parts. They're located at 2025 Fulton Ave in Sacramento. 916 483-4722. Ask for Ryan. Good luck, Davet
  2. Davet916

    Xr 400 Rebuild on a budget

    I would check the valve guides for slop with the valves in and no springs. If you can wiggle the valve very much, that might be where the oil is coming from at startup. It'd be a shame to spend all that money and time only to have a valve stick and poke a hole in the top of the piston and - well - it's sort of all downhill from there. Dave
  3. Davet916

    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

    It's a great feeling isn't it Scott. Well done on starting him out slow. Dave
  4. Davet916

    Heart Surgery

    I had 5 bypass Oct 1 and felt a difference the next day, Increased blood flow throughout. I too was fortunate in having it done before any heart damage. I've since almost cut out all grains and rely mostly on meat and vegies. I began taking iodine a few months ago and had to cut back on my thyroid meds and quit Coreg and Lisinopril. My metabolism raised and I've lost 25 lbs. My outlook on life has definitely changed for the better and I take fewer things for granted. I'm afraid of crashing my bike and popping something loose. What did your doctors say about that? Dave
  5. Davet916

    Primal Blueprint- anyone tried it?

    I've been following the principle, lots of vegetables and protein, ummmmm pork good, and of course chicken. So far I have lost 25 lbs. The best part is that it doesn't seem like a diet and I feel satisfied but not full like I did with breads and fluff. Grains = bad and they're easy to go without. Now, chocolate, that's a toughie. Dave
  6. Davet916

    Burrough Valley to Blue Canyon

    Which Blue Canyon are you referring to? I know the one off I-80. Is there a Blue Canyon near Shaver? Dave
  7. You're not alone. I was going to go, but I quit my pain meds for a day and the ribcage needs to heal much more from the heart surgery. Maybe next ride. Minimally, I'm riding this summer or I'll go stir crazy. How's your injury healing, Kurt? Dave
  8. Is that the sprocket you swapped out at moonrocks a few years ago? It looks familiar. dave
  9. Davet916

    No compression

    Does your bike have a compression release? If so, is it stuck open or out of adjustment? Dave
  10. Davet916

    Sanding a gas tank (pics)

    Vim is the first half of vim and vigor. Like elbow and grease. Sanding also gets rid of oxidized plastic. Some plastics don't take paint well so you may have to ask an automotive paint supply which product to use. Good luck and happy vimming. davet
  11. Davet916

    Felling to tall for my bike.

    There are aftermarket pegs that can lower your stance some but do you really want your feet closer to the ground, rocks, roots, ruts, etc? Davet
  12. Davet916

    high idle prob

    Make sure your cable/s are well lubed and not being stretched or bound in any way and are adjusted with the correct freeplay. Lack of freeplay will keep the carb from returning all the way to idle. Dave
  13. From an email: Subject: My New ATV After all these years, I'm finally got tired of those useless Christmas gifts that always show up, so I decided to get out early and get me something I've always wanted. Went out and bought myself one of those all-terrain 4-wheel things. I wasn't too excited about it at first, but all the fun I've had with it, it was a good move. I've enclosed a picture of me playing with it out in the country. Dave
  14. Davet916

    Riding is one of the best experiences.

    Thanks Manzander13. I know what you mean. It's sort of primal, fun, dangerous, exciting, fun, challenging, exposed and fun. It's just you and the bike against the terrain and you never really know what's next. Yep! It is one of the best experiences and welcome to TT. Dave
  15. Davet916

    How do you fix a bent subframe?

    google 'frame straightening' and take it to a pro in your area. You never know, it might cost less than you think. Dave