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  1. LimyWPom

    First test ride on a 06 WR450F

    hard to start, could be the valves need adjusting.
  2. LimyWPom

    Off the WR for a while

    Good luck Clark, I seem to remember you having some time out with your back a year or so ago. I hope you have a full and speedy recovery. All the best mate. Chris
  3. LimyWPom

    newbie to site

    i have an 05 and it shows how to set the sag (rear suspension) in the manual but refers to it as "set length." it's 4" on the 05. When you get time to have a good look through your manual you will be amazed at how much info is in there. you need to get some break in hours on the bike for the suspension to settle, may save you from doing it twice.
  4. LimyWPom

    newbie to site

    welcome aboard broccoli. I really would not worry about doing the basic mods especially the throttle screw as you obviously have learnt basic throttle control having ridden crotch rockets, at lower throttle openings these things are very easy to control, yep if you open her right up she's gonna fly, but as you get used to it the 450 will have you grinning from ear to ear. Enjoy:thumbsup:
  5. LimyWPom

    Seal Savers ????

    thanks for the response WRDave, I just assumed you were using them full length, but I like the sound of that and i will give it a go. techmc all i did with my fork guards was to bend them out sort of straight so that when they sprang back they didnt rub on the seal savers just giving a little more clearance, crude but it worked.
  6. LimyWPom

    Seal Savers ????

    WRDave where did you get your seamless savers, I have been using the velcro type not knowing the seamless were that easy to clean, thanks
  7. LimyWPom

    new bike, new member

    I have an 05 wr450 and i'm sure you will love yours as much as I love mine. Good choice and welcome to the club.
  8. LimyWPom

    RE: Track and Ski conversion info wanted

    MountainMax, do a search on snoxcycle or switchtraxx, I believe it was dirt ridr did an article on this one and another brand which I cannot remember the name of about a year ago, sorry I couldn't be more precise, I googled the one above, I hope this helps some, Chris
  9. LimyWPom

    Bye TTR-250, Hello WR450F!!!!!!

    hello Eric, Good choice. Mine is an 05 and I love it, you will have a blast, I havn't tried an 07 yet.
  10. LimyWPom

    wr 450 big bore ?????????

    Indy went up to a 490 I thought the idea was more bottom end their supposed to be easier to ride all be it with more engine braking. Mcmountainman will probably be able to shed some more light on it.
  11. LimyWPom

    Any corking on WR's

    a word of warning on the throttle screw in the carb' do as previously recomended cut it down or replace with the yz, some people just remove it but you run the risk of the throttle sticking wide open.
  12. LimyWPom

    one word to describe your WR...

    de-stresser, a lot of good answers already posted, but while I'm riding I don't think of anything else, especialy when I've pinned the throttle. Recently rejeted, thanks alot for the excellent tutorial on carbs ARin
  13. LimyWPom

    Search: The sexiest WR out there...

    Hi Dave, where was the picture taken? it looks awsome.I have only ridden at Mclean and Indian graves, Thanks, Chris
  14. LimyWPom

    Grey wire?!?! Canada vs. USA

    I agree with the other lads, I cut my grey wire on my 05 and it ran great even before I up jetted. Alberta so 3000ft + . Yep ignorant mechanic spouting off on stuff he obviously hasn't researched. Get your JD kit here on tt and let her rip.
  15. LimyWPom

    Which Generation WR Do You Have?

    05, fastway hand guards, Scotts damper,Unibikers Renthal fat bars, Still lovin' it. getting ready for our season up here.