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  1. robinski00

    Carnegie 11/24,25,26

    Anyone out at Carnegie this Holiday weekend look me up, we will out there all weekend, I am in 38 foot Forest River Sierra Sport 5 th wheel 2500 Rodge Ram "Burgendy" and will be riding "450X" what else!!! Hope to see you out there.
  2. robinski00

    Installed Kyouba crf 4 link

    Thanks for repling Old Man. By the way I am a Old Man too, lol. No I havent called Kyouba but will. Our local Honda dealership offers the lowering of the forks and shock for 6 hours labor $440.00 I was going to do that also but thought i would try the link first. They sent one of their mechanics to Race Tech for training and what they do is machine in spacers to lower the bike. Other than the softness on the forks I really didnt notice any difference in the handling. If anything it seems a little better. Anyway I am going to play around with for a awhile and see if i can figure it out. Thanks again and hope we talk again soon.
  3. robinski00

    Installed Kyouba crf 4 link

    Thanks Agent, I cant see why it would have anything to do with it either. That is why i was confused. I have spoke to several people regarding the issue and they are also perplexed. I will take it in and have it checked out.
  4. robinski00

    Installed Kyouba crf 4 link

    I installed the Kyouba CRF 4 link last Saturday and took the bike out for a test run on Sunday. I reset the race sag to 100 and raised the forks as far as I could without hitting the stock handlebars. The bike rode good with no head shake and actually seems to track better. The issue I have is the front forks travel twice as much as they use to and seem really soft. I have dirt skins on and they wont stay up now. The first jump I hit it pushed the skins all the way down. It never did this before. I am not bottoming out but I am concerned about how much more travel it has. Has anyone had this happen and any suggestions would be greartly appreciated. This is my first post and I dont have everything set up "sorry", I am riding a 05 CRF 450x.
  5. robinski00

    Baja light

    Did you have to rewind the stator or anyother mods to get it to work ?