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  1. I had to completely tear apart my engine to replace the crank and clean the engine out. On the rebuild, I finally got the cam back in so I could turn the engine over. While turning the flywheel counter-clockwise, is the kickstart mechanism supposed to be clicking? It clicks a couple of times per revolution. The flywheel has an arrow on it and also when I put the kick start lever on, it moves in the same direction as the arrow so I know I'm turning it the correct direction.
  2. The Bossman

    Good source for 650R tools and parts

    thanks... They appear to have the gaskets, but that's about it. I'm still in need of tools and probably various bearings...
  3. My engine ate the rod bearing and I'm going to need the correct flywheel puller/intaller, tons of gaskets, probably bearings, some cam seal I killed taking it apart.. just all the little stuff. Where would you go if my crank and rod are toast?
  4. Hey you IMS 7.0 gal guys, do any of you have a picture or good description on how you made the fuel pump work?
  5. The Bossman

    How do I hook up this vacuum fuel pump?

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'm going to call IMS direct and get their opinion. As for a second petcock, you need to have it higher than the carb., and this tank has very low sideskirts, well below the carburetor.
  6. The Bossman

    How do I hook up this vacuum fuel pump?

    somebody showed me that this morning in a reply but what good is it? It is a threaded 1/8" hole at most. How in the heck are you going to get vacuum from that port? It would require some really really small specialty barb that you will not find anywhere.
  7. I installed a very large 7.0 gal IMS fuel tank and it has a vacuum operated fuel pump to get fuel from the side reservoirs to the petcock. I don't know where to get the vacuum source from. It didn't come with any directions, nor enough fuel hose.
  8. The Bossman

    XR650L Hot Cams - advance cam timing?

    So these guys make a camshaft that they don't even have the specs for? I would like to see ANY self respecting company in the HOT ROD world try that. So you wouldn't mind if JE had no idea what their pistons compression should be or what thickness the rings are? Each camshaft should come with ALL the information that is needed for a proper installation.
  9. The Bossman

    Better Brakes XR650L ... and R

    sorry for the newbie question, but would my 650R HAVE to be a supermotard to use those?
  10. The Bossman

    Steering dampener for pig which one????

    Have you seen the new GPR V2? It appears to go under the handlebars and raise the location a bit.
  11. The Bossman

    Steering dampener for pig which one????

    Bringing this back from the dead. What is everyone's opinion on the new GPR V2 stabilizer and do you need to change your triple clamps with that? This will go on a 650R
  12. The Bossman

    XR 650 Turbo

    I for one would like more detailed information on the combination. Is it that hard to move your eyes past a topic you've already seen once?
  13. The Bossman

    Honda Xr 650r Turbo = 115 Hk

    &%$#@! is 115HK? What size turbo is that? I have a ton of questions.. Does the guy even post here still?