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    Big Bore 250sxf

    just got her done for the guys at la sleeve. They went 4 mm over bore with a steel sleeve and a 12.5 cr.Stock head with a new intake cam profile for the bigger cc's and it just flat yanks .After a 3 hr run in we will go back to the dyno and see where were at. This bike was 36.2 stock everything on pump fuel....now its even better by a good 5 or 8 %.....stay tuned. crower
  2. dancamman

    Cali street legal X'S no problem

    yes, we can do it !!!! re vin , re reg , Dmv inspection to get a plate. it gets registered as a custom build. PM me Crower
  3. dancamman

    250X Calif. Cam vs. 49 state Cam

    forget the 49 stater go to the bigger lobes for an easy 4 hp gain.....or the Mammoth 270 kit
  4. dancamman

    pitster....big carb??

    the standard SDG 125 runs good...put a 14 t counter on it and a big gun 50 pipe and our G2 cam and you'll hit 11 hp to the ground....very fast and easy to build and maintain. The stock bike has a 16 t counter and they bog a little off the corners ......regear for best results...crower
  5. dancamman

    pitster....big carb??

    26 mm takegawa kit works like a champ on the GPX,SDG....125 engine with the G2 cams. I just pulled the SDG 125 head and the Gpx 125 head...they are differen't The Sdg is a larger chamber with a bigger valves like a SE head.... The Gpx is a smaller chamber for more CR , valves are a little smaller also but now as a test i'm throwing on the gPX head to the Sdg....with the Sdg domed piston it will torque up better even with smaller valves.Compression will be up a bit from standard SDG. Dyno tonight ! crower
  6. dancamman

    New Guy Cooper III

    it's a race engine, maybe 10 hrs between rebuilds to keep it @ top output. We see valve wear in 20 hrs. now we are working on a new valve kit to replace the Takegawa valves........3.5mm stems are tough to work with....we might have to go to 4 mm stems in the future. dc
  7. dancamman

    New Guy Cooper III

    the only 17 hp hond'as are our latest DOHC'S ....over 18hp is realistic with the twin cams.....the last one we dynoed was Reegs klx killer...it makes peak trq @ 5200 and carries it to 12000. 8.5 ft lbs of torque for 7000 rpm wide power band...!insane! see it in Mini mx magazine article midsize shootout....Reegs bike is the fastest mini in the world so far tested.
  8. dancamman

    Aftermarket cams for Pitster

    they are a little different than the early 12v cams and you can't get the high lift of the Crower G2 specs..... .218" is stock and the G2 is .257".........it's as big as you can go with those springs....2 hp better @ 10,000 rpm and torque is better all the way through. crower
  9. dancamman

    Crower 270 kit

    it shipped friday hawaii.......you'll have her wednesday or thursday...crower
  10. dancamman

    250cc to a 270cc ....BIG DIFFERENCE!

    Crowerpower 270 kit does work out on 93 pump......but it does run cooler and cleaner on the recommended 100 plus octane and it last longer.....i like c-12 because Vp is close and the drop it off to me @ the dyno ...... The bigger duration of the Crower cam is what helps the thing work on pump gas......it's the only big bore kit with a matched up cam kit that we have tested on the dyno and track .Crower
  11. dancamman

    Crower 270 kit

    hawaii.......your left case came in and your in line to get together thursday ,ship it friday?.....did you tell your friends that your case was broken from the chain smacking it ?were building it a new bottom end from scratch bro , you do want a good engine right ...were gonna give you a Rocket! crower
  12. dancamman

    head work

    What is it needing ? porting,cam, etc ? or is it blown up in the seats ? New heads are the best if seats are dead etc......crower
  13. dancamman

    Will an rmz250 hub work on a rmz450?

    yes, i ran a 250f kawi rear wheel on the rmz 450...for a dyno test only...crower
  14. dancamman

    bad buckets

    the stock cams are sharp as a razor, they shave even stock buckets too death, we like stock buckets because they are not a problem at all.We use our "MicroPolisher" to "break" all the sharp edges off the cam lobes, this works better than anything and is standard on all our cams. The stock kawi exh cam is very sharp on the right lobe where they cut off the cams in japan...we fix that a little better............. crower
  15. dancamman

    is this stuff junk

    We love Redline products, i know these people personaly and they are the best in oil!!!! Crower
  16. dancamman

    motor upgrades

    new stock valves, new guides if they are loose check those exh. guides out ..........CP piston and a G2 camshaft..thats a good 54 hp with a PC low boy. crower
  17. dancamman

    Havd you had experience with PR2 motor work?

    we have re built one of there 250 kawi's and it was good work.We did change the cams but all else looked fine.if they are to busy we could take care of that for you...crower
  18. dancamman

    who all has the R-STAGE takegawa

    we would say stroke to 52mm and cam it to our new # 18 cam profile. The crank will up the compression and cc's a bit and the bigger cam profile really grunts more down lower in the rpm and revs higher than standard R stage..... let me know...., Crowerpower
  19. Crowerpower Mammoth 270 big bore , and our G1 camshaft....it will yank you like no tommorow...at least 3 hp and 2 ftlbs over your current combo. see our site for more info.... dan crower
  20. dancamman

    250cc to a 270cc ....BIG DIFFERENCE!

    Jake , that is a great speed difference in that 270 kit huh! The regearing and monster torque is the way to get up to those stupid 450's out there i told you so..... thanks for the kind words . crower
  21. dancamman

    Big Bore 250sxf

    La Sleeve 250f is back ! Tom , if your still intrested and want to ride the fastest 250f tested then get ahold of me at the shop ......the bike is getting dynoed again monday or tuesday but it's ready for a test ride or 2, if anyone else rides good and wants to throw a leg over this incredible bike get a hold of me ... crower
  22. dancamman

    thumper big bore to an 06'??!!

    the cam and big bore together make around 36 to 37 hp . then adding a fully done head and it gets another 1.5 hp on peak but a bit more of accelaration gain and a lot more over rev potential for sure with our pro mod porting.
  23. dancamman

    New Mini Moto Mag

    we have had 3 SSr's in for cams and dyno tuning and they are not your average kragen auto parts asian knock off's. This chassis sits right and steers great and it handles the tank swappers better than anything we've rode yet! Out of the box they are raceable...add a cam and it's on fire. The mini moto magazine pumps it's advertisers no doubt, but the SSR is not going away , more of the real SSR'S will get out and people will then know the difference of the magazine story said to what's really going on with it. crowerpower
  24. dancamman

    dual exhaust fad?

    yes it is...i saw them @ glen helen on Kyle's bike and now you really guaranteed to smash one falling left or right.
  25. dancamman

    thumper big bore to an 06'??!!

    i'll know friday , i have an 05' cylinder ready to drop on there @ 81 mm.We have to really look@ the oil jet clearence to the big pistons before we run this. The cylinders look the same from what i've seen on the outside..... The G2 cam has just got more timming on the intake event to help fill the bigger bore longer.....exh lobe is an 04' spec. crower