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  1. I'm in WA state and been down this road. I don't think they'll even let you transfer an out of state plated bike. The VIN is in the DOL computers as an "ORV" only bike. If you sell it, how much you want? Does the "R" have Elect Start?
  2. Hey, they're all riding like Jesse James and the Teutul's showed 'em....Take off with both feet down, lift one foot to shift and put it back down.....No helmet, no brakes - loud pipes are all ya need......If they didn't start out with a brain, what's the harm in them getting "wacked"????????
  3. I respect your choice, but I just might be backing another horse on this one......
  4. Thax Chris - I appreciate it........Bob
  5. Not for the dirt, sorry.....
  6. Do it....It's the cheapest way to add a little zip to your bike....
  7. I'm new to this forum. I'd like to PM a member about buying his camshaft, but can't seem to find how to PM? Is it maybe because I'm new? If so, how many posts must one have to earn the PM rights? Thax...
  8. It sold for a very fair price....
  9. I find this list very informative.......
  10. Not me......
  11. I had a light flywheel on another bike.....Was a pain......Made it too easy to kill the engine during light braking....
  12. Sweet..
  13. Can't we all just get along????????
  14. If you wish to sell the stock cam, please email me at: bob@bobseelye.com I think I'm too new on this forum to PM you.......Thax...