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  1. If I were at my house looking at my bikes I would not need to ask anyone else, but thanks for the GREAT help.
  2. I am in a pinch for this weekend and need to know if the left side (non-fill) radiator on my DRZ will work on my 2006 RM250. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. I am in a pinch for this weekend and need to know if the left side (non-fill) radiator on my DRZ will work on my 2006 RM250. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Somehow I removed just the brake pedal tip from the arm during my last race. I really don't want to spend $169 on a HammerHead designs brake pedal. Does anyone know if a different tip can bolt on or have any other ideas? Thanks in advance!
  5. CV4 products, based out of NC, have colored hoses for nearly all machines. I have a red set for my 03 KLX400s. Check them out: http://www.cvproducts.com/Powersports/Products/Cooling/Silicone%20Hose%20Kits/
  6. Yeah, I was just looking for any other minor mods to do before I put the motor in the bike.
  7. I have already done the airbox, exhaust, and jetting mods to the bike.
  8. I have recently purchased a complete 01 drz400(s) motor for my 03 klx400(s), and I wanted to know if there are any mods or upgrades I should be looking at other than the MCCT. I still have the stock carb. so I am not wanting to do any major motor mods. Thanks in advance!!
  9. Thanks!
  10. Helllpp! I've got a race this weekend, and I need to know if my 2003 drz400 front wheel will fit my 1999 rm250. If not, will the rotor fit. Thanks in advance for your replies.
  11. check out Powersport Grafx, www.ridepg.com, any of the suzuki standard kits can be used on your bike. you can also change the colors and add the logos of your choice if so desired.
  12. Thanks Eddie, got the cometic kit on the way!
  13. My 03 klx400sr has 8000 miles, and the top end is torn down right now for valve issues. while it is there, i am replacing the rings with OEM Suzuki, and I want to replace the gaskets with the high compression E gaskets. I want to use the Moose Racing kit, and I was wondering if the Moose kit is comparable to the Cometic kit that a lot of riders on here mention. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been chasing down problems for 2 months, and I am beyond the level of wanting to ride. I think I'm going through withdrawals.
  14. check out www.ridepg.com they have templates for the drz, and they can do custom graphics, or they can use one of their standard kits. they have pre-printed backgrounds, and you can get whatever logos you need. very quick turnaround also.
  15. your problem sounds exactly like the problem my bike has been having for the last couple of weeks. mine started after having the stator replaced. ran fine before, except the battery wasn't being charged. traced it down to the stator, replaced it, put it back together and now it spits, sputters, and backfires like it is out of gas. before it was just a battery charging issue, now it will not even run. do we have the same problem? sorry for taking over your thread, but your problem is so similar to mine. i'm going crazy not being able to ride. this process has already taken a month of my riding time away.