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  1. Please, feel really stupid...why is there crank oil under my rotor cover? Is it suposed to be there? I am installing the 10 oz rotor on the YX400 F and oil dripped out like it was a sump! Is there a seal that has failed or is it suposed to be there? Bike runs great, no problems... Either I don't understand the 4 stroke or something is terribly wrong... Help would be appreciated... Dave Nor-Cal 76, 77, YX80's 1999 Yz 400F
  2. yamaharetro80

    wr400/426f flywheel weight?

    I have my yz400f that I want to tame down for trail riding. Does anybody know the weight (in ounces) of the WR400/426 flywheel? I will be adding a 10 or 12 oz weight bolt on and I am trying to decide how much??? Thanks Dave 1999 yz400f, enzo tune front/rear, e-series, too much hit for the trail...down-right damgerous for this old dude...
  3. yamaharetro80

    YZ400 to wr400 flywheel conversion??

    Thanks for the replys, Has anyone riden a WR250f? There are a number of them for sale at about $3000...Is there enough punch? I love the suspension on my 99 yz400F, Enzo modified, front and rear. The TTR-225 just didn't cut it...Heavy, poor suspension, old school motor...Hey, but I didn't get hurt either...Anyway, what about a 2001 WR250F? Thinking very seriously about it! Dave
  4. yamaharetro80

    YZ400 to wr400 flywheel conversion??

    Tell you what happened. I have been riding my TTR-225 for about 2 years...no problems, just not enough punch. So I find this YZ400f, '99, e series WB, great deal $2100 in Nor-Cal. First ride, crash, dislocated ankle, broken tibia, cracked heel on tibia. Throttle blip to get up the face of hard pack and spin out on loose flat section. Went sideways due to wheelspin and the front of my boot catches the ground and gets dragged under the peg. Trauna unit, ambulace ride, screwed up Memerial Day holiday...So, the power comes on too fast, and you get wheel spin and crash... So, I want to basically de-tune the bike...I was thinking, stock exhaust and heavy flywheel...I really need some help on what to do to accomplish this. As I understand, the yz400 motor is the same as the wr400, with the exception of the flywheel and the exhaust cam timing, one tooth... Comments? Thanks Dave
  5. Has anybody done the conversion from yz400 to wr400 flywheel ? The yz400 power-hit is kicking my butt and I am considering the change...Or, I might just do a 10-14oz bolt on...Anybody have some experience with toning the power down so I can trail ride this monster? The bike is blindingly too fast for me! 47 year old old fart... Thanks Dave