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  1. DJ250F

    This Chick is Flying

    She's doing the GPs. Came second at the first round
  2. DJ250F

    Roczen quiting in heat race - your thoughts?

    I think he forgot that the heat race result determines your lcq gate pick
  3. DJ250F

    wr 350

    Yeah, either sleeve down to 400, or put a 300 on a WR250F. Or buy a Husky 310 if you're not into the Katos
  4. DJ250F

    250 west riders riding east on 450s?

    Roczen on a 350 at Daytona. Gonna be an epic race with Tomac there as well. Be even sweeter if Seely showed up!
  5. DJ250F

    Antonio Cairoli

    It's too late for Cairoli to start SX now, gotta start that while you're young. Definitely wouldn't mind seeing him do the Nationals though. He said he wasn't interested, and that people should go over there instead. I can see where he is coming from; not everyone wants to live in America.
  6. DJ250F

    Roczen vs. Tomac. Spoiler

    Yes he does
  7. The song would have been fitting after last weeks victory
  8. DJ250F

    Roczen a failure?

  9. DJ250F

    Roczen a failure?

    I keep saying it, but no one is listening to me. Kenny confirmed last year that he is riding the 450 in 2014. He's got no choice, he will point out of the 250SX class this year, which kinda sucks, cos he will only have 2 outdoor seasons under his belt. It doesn't sound like he will be racing East coast rounds this year, especially with the West coast series lead I doubt KTM will be getting rid of Dungey anytime soon. You guys are nuts if you think that would happen
  10. DJ250F

    Newbie question about torque...

    2 strokes burn twice as much fuel mixture for any given cc at any given RPM. No shit it has more power at equal displacement
  11. DJ250F

    Perfect season.

    Even if he didnt crash tonight, I don't think he would have won. His results looked off all day
  12. DJ250F

    Perfect season.

    Ken's on a KTM 450 next year
  13. DJ250F

    Time for Windham to hang it up

    He's calling it quits tonight according to Twitter
  14. DJ250F

    Roczen a failure?

    Yeah right. Dungey didn't exactly win alot in his first couple of years under Roger Besides, he's signed to ride the 450 next year
  15. ^^^This It drives me nuts when people claim a 2-stroke is better because the 2-stroke makes more power than a 4-stroke of equal displacement. No shit, its burning roughly twice the amount of fuel mixture at any given RPM. That's not efficiency, that's burning more fuel