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  1. Well my current ride to work invloves some nice open stretches where I might hit double the limit briefly before some windy country roads but hell I I'm leaving the UK for a more relaxed way of life, that can apply to my riding aswell, 75mph cruising should be fine.
  2. How gutless are they on the road? I am gonna need something like this for commuting about 60 miles each way with a bit of off gravel road use in BC, Canada. I am coming from a 600 sportbike in the UK, how bored am I gonna be on that road riding.
  3. YZF will just out handle the ZZR in standard form, then drop the forks through about 5-10mm to quicken the turn in and you've got a fast, comfy, cheap bike that'll do 180 miles to a tank. I am biased by the way.
  4. Numpty = Inexperienced,... idiot,... fool,..... just plain stoopid. And I don't know where it comes from
  5. Excellent job thanks guys.
  6. Thanks alot, I'll do some digging into those three. Any special problems to look for on any of these bike? And what sort of tank range? Cheers
  7. Hi, I am moving to BC from the UK where I have only owned sportbikes, I am looking for something cheap (up to $4,000 CAN) to commute 100 miles a day and take on off road trails . I only have 1 day off road experience so am looking for something that won't feel too gutless on the highway or too horrible off road. PS I am 6ft 1 and 200 lbs.