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  1. you may have misunderstood him. he said that before checking the cooling system for "blockages" etc which prevent the coolent getting from the engine back to the rad or vice cersa and getting cooled, your just advising people to put evans coolant in and it will not overheat anymore. your statement is somewhat true, it will not over heat... at the RADIATOR. if it is infact blocked however then the coolant will heat up in the motor and that will cause the engine to run extremely hot and might blow up, all the time the coolant in the radiators is cold, as if nothing is wrong
  2. i own a yamaha now... they turn fine for what i race, i race flat track and barely do motocross. thanks for all the imput guys, i think kawi might be the way to go
  3. well i dont want to keep it bone stock, i wanna do the basics like a pipe, high compression piston, set of cams, port and polish the head. how do yous think the kawi would hold up with that?
  4. ok thanks guys. i like the 09 kx250f im just wary about other ppl having to do the valves alot. though i think i could put up with maintenance for good performance
  5. hey guys, currently i have a 2008 yz450f, i race mainly flat track and i am looking at getting a 250f aswell to ride another class. my 450 is pretty much stock except for gearing and it keeps up with all the other 450s well. in our 250f class the top 3 bikes are kawasaki, yamaha and honda. they have all had work done to them though, im looking for which bike has the most top end while being reliable after doing engine work on them. right now im undecided between a 09 kx250f or an 08/09 yz250f. i know the yamaha engines are bulletproof but im trying to find out which one has the most power stock, and what will be more reliable once being worked. thanks
  6. not the most extreme i think. the most extrem would be speedway. i race speedway. 500cc engine running on methanol, no breaks, no gears, just hold it flat on the line and drop the clutch then hang on, heres a few vids
  7. that bike is sweet! where did you get the rockstar graphics from?
  8. yeh nice advice mate get a two stroke and rebuilt every 10 hours instead of getting like 100+ hours with a yamaha four stroke. sounds really practicle to me, what does everyone else think...
  9. i dont even read magazines so im not believing them lol. a local rider at my track owns an 04 yz250f and he bought an 06 kx450f then sold it a couple of months later, he could ride faster and more comfortably on his old 04 yz
  10. i would definately go yamaha, the kawi is heavier and wont turn as good as the yamaha, plus the yamahas motor is strong and reliable. i would never get a 1st year bike with any major change especially FI, because there will always be some bugs to sort out...
  11. who the hell would want to bend their rear fender in half anyway???
  12. and the big deal is??? anyone with enough money could get there pit bike running that much HP so its not really that much of a feat:bonk:
  13. definately keep the yamaha. my 08 has never given me a problem since i bought it and it is the best bike iver ever owned
  14. sweet bikes everyone, keep them coming
  15. well instead of creating a thread for lets see your 09 kawasaki, or yamaha etc i thought i would create a thread to see everyones new 09 model bikes all in one thread. i would contribute but i have an 08 model so lets see them guys