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    UFO Headlights

    Hey Montagc, I don't have a picture of that particular headlight. But it should be this one, http://www.discountcyclestuff.com/product_info.php/products_id/115457 , but in green. I just ordered one so we shall see. Maybe I can do a write up on changing the headlight once I get it. $52 with shipping not too bad!
  2. jawill8301

    UFO Headlights

    Thanks Kawidad! Does anyone know if I have to make a wiring harness change if I decide to go with the dual lens headlight vs the stock wiring harness?
  3. jawill8301

    UFO Headlights

    Does anyone have a UFO headlight and if so how's the quality? I was looking at Discount Cycle Stuff and they have UFO headlights for pretty cheap. (UFO PLASTICS DUAL LENS HEADLIGHT GREEN) Are these as good as the Acerbis ones? Also has anyone dealt with Discount Cycle Stuff? Thanks! -Jason