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  1. WhiteDragonD

    YZ 125 or YZ 250 (weekend trail some moto)

    Ug, I'm at the same point to... Mostly Sand Dune Riding, maybe canyon dirt trails 2x a year. I have a 2006 dr-z400s that works great for the road and some trails, but when I took it to St. Anthony to play in the sand... that was not an enjoyable experience! Now I am debating on a YZ125 or a YZ250. I like the lighter weight of the 125, I'm 5'7" 140 lbs, but people keep telling me to get a 250. I guess I'm wondering if the 125 will handle all the dunes in Utah/Idaho and not leave me 'wanting' more power even though I saved ~20 lbs with the 125. I wonder if I should just get the 125 for a few years and see how it handles and then go bigger when I'm ready?
  2. WhiteDragonD

    year comparisons for YZ250, sand riding

    I read somewhere that in 2001 it received a new suspension or had some mods done to it... maybe it'll be worth going with at least a 2001 model.
  3. Next year I'm going to be looking to buying a YZ250 for the sand. Anyone know the differences between the years ~1998 to ~2005? Any recommendations/suggestions for sand/dirt riding? Anyone made one of these street legal? Wondering what I should be looking for... I'm a 5'7" rider, 135 pounds. I have a 2006 DR-Z400S, but that does NOT work in sand thanks
  4. I was thinking of finding a used one, maybe 2003, for around $3,000 and for 200 lbs. I don't think that saving 50 lbs is going to make to much of a difference. I may as well just be better off buying a 1990s model for $1k.
  5. I currently own a 2006 Suzuki Dr-z400s. Great for road, hard packed trails, but not so great for the sand dunes. Now I'm thinking of getting a 250 (either Yamaha or Suzuki) dirt bike (possibly 400?) and adding the necessary components to make it street legal. This will give me the ability to ride on the road and be able to ride it on the sand. The 291 lb dual sport is too heavy and just sinks. Any ideas what kind of bike would be good for this? Has anyone else done this already? What should I be looking for?
  6. It's so you can 'hang' on when laying belly down on the seat and doing a no hands/feet maneuver...
  7. WhiteDragonD

    goggles for glass's

    Scott OTG works well for my dad. I have a smaller type of glass frame, so the regular 89x model works for me. I think the helmet you are referring to is the XD (dc) model from Arai http://www.araiamericas.com/ http://www.araiamericas.com/Product_Tour.html I almost bought one, but spent the money on some pipes instead
  8. WhiteDragonD

    DRZ400S Service Manual

    You think there'd be a copyright law that's being violated if it was photocopied/reprinted without consent from Suzuki...
  9. WhiteDragonD

    Rattling from washer on shifter shaft. Any suggestions?

    For anyone searching the forums looking for help, I finally found out what was rattling... The upper chain roller was shaking loose.... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=3535169
  10. 3BeeJay3, that's great... there's about 560 miles on my bike! Thanks for your help everyone, I'd really hate to be riding down the road and have my bike fall apart!
  11. It looks like it may have came out of here... I think it's just a roller to protect the chain from bouncing up. I guess when you start to hear something rattling, it's best to check every nut and bolt!
  12. I actually have both of those in, so it must have came off of something else. Thanks for looking though.
  13. So I'm driving my 2006 400s home and I look down because of this rattling clanking noise... I noticed there was a bolt (and a piece of metal attached to it) and it was bounching around behind the Engine Sprocket Cover on the top of my chain. It has a metal piece attached to it, so I'm hoping that someone can tell me what the bolt came off of. The bolt has a number 11 on the top. any help/info is greatly appreciated! thanks
  14. WhiteDragonD

    Worlds Fastetst Indian

    It played in a local theater here... here being a few miles away from the Bonneville salt flats! Saw nothing but good reviews about how it was his life dream to build and race a bike.
  15. I noticed that when I shift, I hear a rattling noise. After taking off my shifter, I noticed a washer is not flush against the engine on the shaft. I also noticed the shifter shaft slides in and out a little bit and when I push it in, the washer does not move. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it so there isn't any play? It is washer number 32 on http://www.oem.thumpertalk.com/2004DRZ400Sshiftcam.aspx I tried to push the shifter all the way in, but it looks like it falls back into a groove when you tighten the bolt. thanks for your help